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David Sholes

David Sholes







Talking points:

Still feeling maudlin with the passing of David Bowie, I start with one of my favorite cuts off the Young American album.

Next it is on to the Beam Me Up blog.

NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchel, of Apollo 14 fame and one of only 12 people to have set foot on the Moon has passed at 85.

SyFy has renewed the Magicians for a second season.

ESA’s lander Philae, launched by the Rosetta mother craft, has been declared dead.

Record setting applications for NASA’s  2017  astronaut class.

NASA’S WFirst space telescope is looking to gather more data than hubble.

Apollo 10 heard some weird noise while passing around the back side of the moon.

Finally the story for this episode: Images by David Scholes.