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Beam Me Up episode 479


David Scholes

This week for episode 479, after a short musical interlude, I spend some time on the Beam Me Up blog with articles like the age of the Moon, a loss in the historical NASA astronaut crew and the Air Force’s x37b space plane is due to set new records in mission length.

Finally I read a short story.


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Beam Me Up #478 David Scholes Urban Pacifiers


David Sholes

David Sholes




I start this week with a story from David Scholes called Other Side the I mistakenly call Reincarnation, it’s good no matter what the case.

From the blog, it would seem that Germany’s fusion reactor works! David has a story collection available on Amazon. Pluto has structures similar to ice pressure ridges but on a truly vast scale.

Finally I play David’s Urban Pacifiers, which is a really great short tale.




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