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Beam Me Up #233 Happy Halloween by Colin P. Davies

October 30th, 2010 by beamupadmin

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Happy Halloween!  Episode 233 of Beam Me Up does up All Hallow’s Eve right!  First off, John De Lancie reads Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven, and boy does this man own the poem for the eight minutes it takes to read it.  De Lancie’s performance is powerful and hi-lights facets that others have skimmed over and I guarantee that you will have a new appreciation for Poe’s macabre poem.  The last half of the hour is taken up by CrystalWizard’s reading of Colin P. Davies very spooky science fiction tale “Happy Halloween”.  CyberWizard Productions mixes this tale into one of the best stories we have had all year.  Many thanks to Mr. Davies for the story, CrystalWizards for an excellent read and Cyberstudios for an excellent mix.

From the Blog ( The Apollo 11 moon walk videos that were discovered recently have been restored and the results are exciting and stunning, the very odd beast known as a neutron star has a theoretical limit of about one and a half solar masses that was until a recent discovery that has shaken theoretical physics dealing with ultra dense material into possibly   rethinking or abandoned completely some theories completely!  Astronomers are trying to put an estimate as to the amount of Earth mass planets in our Milky Way galaxy and that number it would seem is in the billions!  Finally I review a waste of blu-ray medium.  Repomen Starring Jude Law, Forest Whitaker.  Someone should be ashamed of making or being in this film.  Those involved seemed to have taken a pay day and run.

Blog items that didn’t make this week’s program,  Buckeyball carbon atoms were thought to be rare or even completely theoretical.  Now, new findings have uncovered massive quantities around three dying stars.  How massive?  Trillions of tons is a gross understatement!!!   Has Film-maker George Clarke uncovered evidence of time travelers in a Charlie Chaplin film from the twenties called The Circus?  He seems to think so and his evidence is very compelling.  Check the video out and weigh in on the comment posts other readers have made concerning this strange clip.  and the SyFy channel may have killed Caprica but plans have been green lighted for a production of another Battle Star Galactica prequil.  Syfy will air Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome in late 2011 or early 2012.

So Enjoy Episode 233 and take a trip over to for the rest of the Beam Me Up news

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