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Beam Me Up #234 Falling – Ben Rosenbaum + Oddcube!

November 7th, 2010 by beamupadmin

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It’s episode 234 of Beam Me Up. Our first episode of November! Being that it IS a brand new month, it’s time once again for a visit from our resident reviewer Oddcube! This month Oddcube reviews those movie serials of yore “the Phantom Empire” Oddcube manages to pull a couple of rabbits out of his hat with this article.

From the Beam Me Up Blog at – Deep Impact probe better known now as DIXI makes history as one of only five times in the history of the space program that a space craft flew close enough to take pictures of a comet’s core. Fantastic pictures emerged from the craft but what irked me was AP putting their byline on them. Pretty big pair in my book. From the IO9 blog a funny animated short, LEGO Star Wars Trilogy where LEGO figures and blocks to lampoon Star Wars with of all characters – Jar Jar. Here he is a hapless janitor with hilarious results! A new eye implant may mean regained sight for suffers of retinal dystrophy. Already early tests have proven spectacularly successful. Humanoid robots abound but the Actroid-F developed by Osaka University has to be one of the most lifelike to date. First developed in 2003, the newer models are able to emulate human expression to such a degree as to be unsettling. Early research into great ape intelligence may have been fundamentally flawed and the results skewed towards human intelligence by researchers who disregarded the fundamental importance of familial contact in the formative stages of development. Psychologists at the UK’s University of Portsmouth hope that new research will fix the errors of earlier researchers. Ever wonder where those weird bumps on Adult Swim come from? Well according to this post in IO9 they arise from electronic musician Flying Lotus. Check out the robot on robot apocalypse titled Kill your co-workers! And Robonaut R2 is on it’s way to the RSS. The 300 pound R2 unit s just the upper half of a complete system, however with two arms and two five finger hands, it is very well suited for space operations. With an infra-red camera and four normal light cameras in its head combined with 350 sensors in its’ body it will be able to take on tasks that the heavy duty Canadian and Japanese arms are not well suited for.

And many thanks to author Ben Rosenbaum for letting us read his very fine story Falling. In a future where all residents are safe and protected from even the slightest harm, to step outside that protective barrier is paramount to being an outcast or a pariah

This great story and other zaniness…This week on Beam Me Up

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