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Beam Me Up #236 Bradley Brackett – Sayell + Home is where you left it pt2 – Chase

November 21st, 2010 by beamupadmin

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Well here we are again!  This week is episode 236 of Beam Me Up.  My engineer Phil is once again my foil.  I swear, every time I look into studio C he is eating something!  Just couldn’t resist this time.  And so…Bradley Brackett is once again on the schedule.  This week is episode 14 overall and part 2 of a brand new adventure for our stalwart adventurer.  The second story is the conclusion of Adam Chase’s Home is where you Left It.  In Part 2, Steve Cantrell travels into the hostile desert in search of the man who could bring death to everyone still alive from the colony.

From the blog at, CERN scientist enter the history books as they succeed in finally storing the antimatter atom of hydrogen.  Astronomers have discovered a gas giant planet orbiting an ancient red giant star, and if that isn’t weird enough for you, this planet is very likely originated in another galaxy!  Gustavo Bondoni’s Tenth Orbit and Other Faraway Places has been release by publishing house Altered Dimensions press, twenty two excellent short stories.  You may remember that Gustavo was last on Beam Me Up with his tale, The Elcano Syndrome.  I hope to get his story Evasion on the air as soon as possible,  which is from the collection.  Hopefully that story and a review of Tenth Orbit for next week’s program.  Keep your fingers crossed because Evasion is one of his best stories to date!  Space Shuttle mission STS-130 on 8 February 2010 delivered the module Cupola which host the distinct honor of being the single biggest port hole in space.  I found a picture of astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson floating before the port to give you an idea just how big it really is.  What a great view!  In 1979 something very rare took place. In the galaxy M100 approximately 50 million light years from Earth, a star exploded into a super-nova. A black hole was born in the remnant of the star, SN 1979C. What does that mean to us?  Well it is the first time that astronomers have been able to study a black hole from infancy!  Very exciting indeed!  Have you heard the most outrageous plan yet to explore and possibly colonize Mars?  This is the weirdest one yet.  Someone has made a proposal to send old people to Mars on a one way ride?!!!  No I am not making this up!  The reasoning is even stranger! And you won’t believe it!

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