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Beam Me UP #238 Gustavo Bondoni & Colin P. Davis

December 4th, 2010 by beamupadmin

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Beam Me Up episode 238 is fast and entertainment filled this week.  With the first episode in December I start a new story arch with a new Pest World series from Colin P. Davies.  This new Pest World series is a previously unpublished  story of Pestmeister Parvo Titled Red Robot.  Parvo it would seem developed a phobia in early childhood, dealing in any way with people of the mechanical persuasion…. which even in adult life has left him in terror of dealing with mechanical men.

The second story this week is part two and the conclusion of Gustavo Bondoni’s Evasion.    In part one we visit a one luxurious but now decrepit space station / hotel.  It now inhabits a bleak and lonely place in the dark reaches of the asteroid belt.  To be used as a salvage yard.  But something weird is going on with the rusty and ruined station.  Something that has caught the interest of rather odd tax people.  Possibly more….  All the while there are hints that more is going on than meets the eye.  Bondoni builds the tension and suspense in the conclusion to Evasion.

With the length of the stories, I had no more time than a passing mention of what is new on the blog.  However it is worthy of checking out this week.  Antipodean 150 is online, there may be as many as three times as many  stars in the universe than previously thought, director Irvin Kershner actor Leslie Nielsen  both passed this week and could there truly be something like a Nemesis in the outer reaches of the solar system?  Take a trip over to the Beam Me Up Blog at for more.

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