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Beam Me Up #243 Micro-Expressions – Gaskell & What’s your Destiny? – Smith

January 8th, 2011 by beamupadmin

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Beam Me Up episode 243 is just brimming over with entertainment.  At the top of the hour is a very nice piece of flash fiction – ” What is your destiny?” by the Australian author
Scott James Smith which tells the tale of a life saving rescue by a very unusual five year old.  At the bottom of the hour we find that peace keeping and life saving can take a myriad of forms.  True heroes are often unsung and often unknown.  Experience altruism in it’s purest sense from writer Stephen Gaskell  Oh and his web page is  I say that now because if you write the page address as it sounds, you get another Stephen…Its GaskEll not Gaskill…found that out the hard way!

From the Beam Me Up blog at, I finally sat down and watched the movie Inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Berenger, Michael Caine among others. Anytime you get a film from director Christopher Nolan you know that action will be a-plenty and this movie was no exception, just took its sweet time getting there.  I think my review in this week’s program, tells the tale well enough.    The newest issue of Antipodean online is ready.  Issue  151 has 10 fast paced stories that are bound to keep you entertained for a bit.  Have scientists discovered a new matter state?  A research team seems to think so with what they are calling an equilibrium gel.   I touch on a few of the scientific advancements that came into their own in 2010.  The article on the blog is called 8 sci-fi inspired advances that became “real” in 2010.  The whole list is on Dvice so I only listed a few.  first off…Cloaking technology really became big news in 2010.  Many implementations hold great promise as a genuine “cloak” in the very near future.  Laser weapons and household robots were two others that really burst into the public awareness as acceptable technologies.  Robots especially took many forms, from simple vacuum cleaners to pop dancing divas!

All in all, a good fast hour.  enjoy…

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