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Beam Me Up #246 Chinvat Bridge con – E. Cashier + How We Play Football in AL. – D. Hilton

January 29th, 2011 by beamupadmin

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Episode  246 goes fast this week!  I start this week’s program with a short memorial to the Challenger crew who died January 28 1986 when the shuttle disintegrated 74 seconds after launch.

After a short musical interlude, I play our first story of the day.  This week, Beam Me Up’s first story is a seriously funny look at future NCAA football, with Doug Hilton’s “How we play football in Alabama”.  At the bottom of the hour I conclude Erin Cashier’s “Chinvat Bridge” which I started last
week.  In the closing part of this really well written story, Srosh, who guards the girls is becoming much more reluctant to perform his duties. More girls are running and he is compelled to save them or at least try, even knowing what fate lies in wait for them in the very near future.  I the end, his choices are made for him.  A truly heart rending story and one that will surely stay with you for some time.

From the Beam Me Up Blog at, The Hubble again finds the oldest most distant object in the universe,  It’s IBM’s 100th anniversary.  You really have to see the short video about the companies hist told by those that lived it.  From Lockheed – Martin a short film about something they like to call….”Space Fence”  a really innovative idea on how to track the thousands of pieces of space trash that orbit the Earth now.  And finally from Discovery a real close up look at the Daedalus project which was envisioned to travel the five and a half light year distance between us and Barnard’s star.  The mission is truly amazing in its scope and its huge scale!  Its amazing the size of what is for all intents and purposes an unmanned probe and would only do a flyby of the Barnard system! Amazing!

Episode 246 full of entertainment and it goes fast! lol Check it out.

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