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Beam Me Up # 250 Stories by Nancy Fulda + David Steffen

February 26th, 2011 by beamupadmin

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Beam Me Up episode 250! Two great stories in the works this week! I start the program with a new story from David Steffen called The Utility of Love. This is David’s clever retelling of the Wizard of Oz mythos. Gone are the movie trappings of a fantasy trip down the yellow brick road. No, David’s tale is gritty and dark. Some of the main characters are demonstrably self serving. Part one introduces us to Dorothy, Toto, the Tin Man, Munchkins and a decidedly dead witch.

I end this week’s program with the conclusion to Nancy Fulda’s Knowing Neither Kith Nor Kin. Nancy’s main character is on a journey of discovery on so many levels. Many are answered in the shocking conclusion to this well thought out and excellently written short story.

From the blog, More proof that Earth once had a Mars sized companion? Sotherby’s to auction off the Vostok 3ka-2, Why did we fail to return to the Moon after Apollo 17? This faux documentary Apollo 18 supplies some horrific possibilities. See the trailer on Beam Me Up’s blog, Every had one of those days when nature calls, once to often and you just can’t make the facilities in time? Our hero Captain Awesome is having one of those days.., did you know our favorite undersea, pineapple living sponge is in fact an unstoppable killing machine? Yep, Sponge Bob Terminator. From the twisted mind of Rack911 is this chilling lego creation…lol, Schizofedric is a short film by Andy Poyiadgi. Frederic is having a bad day, a bad life in fact. An online ad offers trans dimensional therapy…..and the weirdness commences. The Science Fiction Writers of America announce their 2010 nominees for the Nebula award! And Madhouse Animation will release an anime version of the X Men later this year!

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