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Beam Me Up #251 Utility of Love p2 – David Steffen

March 5th, 2011 by beamupadmin

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Beam Me Up episode 251 is non stop this week.  First I offer a new some from one of my favorite science fiction themed song writers, John Anealio.  John has released a new song called Angry Robot on his site  Sci Fi songs (

The first story of the week comes in the form of classic fiction from Waldo Boyd Titled “The Salesman”   I close this week with part two of David Steffen’s retelling of the Wizard of Oz theme called “The Utility of Love”.  In Part two we meet more of the cast of characters but there are some pretty major differences that leads the main characters in substantially different directions.  Articles from the blog ( this week:  A new Bladerunner movie is in negotiations, one of the most whacked cyborg I have ever seen documented,  some astounding discoveries concerning red dwarf stars, the Indian Space Research Organization has discovered a “giant underground chamber” near the Moon’s equator, in the Oceanus Procellarum area,  Syfy will start airing The Sarah Connor Chronicles on April 7; after the two-hour premiere, they’ll air four episodes a week on Thursdays starting at 7 p.m – SyFy will play all of the series 31,  a group of students and educators hoisted a camera on a weather balloon 100 thousand feet in hopes of capturing one of the last shuttle launches.  They were spectacularly successful!

All in all episode 251 is a quick and entertaining episode!

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