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Episode two hundred and fifty two runs quick and is full of entertainment.  The program starts with a rather unusual wake-up call from none other than the captain of the Enterprise himself!

Our first story this week is part three of Utility of Love by David Steffen.  This week  the Tin Man discovers his maker and Dorothy wants nothing more than to go home.  The story at the beginning of the second half hour is a classic called Waste Not Want… by Dave Dryfoos which deals with the evils of over production and over consumption where one can go to “prison” for not consuming his fair share.

From the Beam Me Up blog this week, the shuttle Discovery lands for the last time, a most unusual “light saber” fight, a 30 year old science exploration platform that hasn’t been moved since 1990 (that’s before the web took off people!) has been instructed to go through some basic maneuvers, which it performs flawlessly, from 16 light hours distance!  The Cape has been folded and put away, plus just enough inanity to make you wonder ….why!

Assume your entertainment positions….aaaaaaaaaaaand begin!

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