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Beam Me Up # 253 Stories by David Steffen & Jason Kahn

March 19th, 2011 by beamupadmin

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Episode 253 was a bit strange today.  But all in all, I think it came out as fun enough!  First, you have to hear this new song I found on youtube from Your Favorite Martian called Club Villain.  What a fun song, and it name drops about any villains you can recall!  Plus it will just keep your feet tappin.

Stories are good this week.  I remembered that it had been awhile since we had a Dark  InSpectre story from Jason Kahn so I corrected that error and played episode 10.  Inspector Garrett has to deal with more than just ghosts and corrupt politicians but we begin to see more of Jack’s past.  Something very wrong is buried deep but we are beginning to see that Jack’s interest in the “quad’s” is very very complicated….

Our second story is part four of David Steffen’s “the Utility of Love”  follows Dorothy and The Tin Man as they try to carry out the quest the Wizard set them to.  Author Steffen again uses deft control of his plot to bring us further along the convoluted path using many of the images we thought we knew in truly inventive and striking ways.  The end of the tale is drawing nearer, but that doesn’t mean that there are not many twists still to come.

From the blog  MDA of Canada may start a gas station in space?  No Ordinary family may come to a very ordinary end.  ABC isn’t talking but have they canceled our favorite superpower family?  Corning put together this video called “A Day Made Of Glass,” which is a very inventive short on all the devices that might one day be as common as the cell phone is now.  All these high tech devices have one thing in common, they use lots of glass.  NASA is reporting that Messenger, the first probe ever to orbit the planet Mercury, has made a successful orbital insertion and is now Mercury’s first ever artificial Sat.!   There is no question that last week’s earthquake in Japan did a great deal of damage, however some of effect are not that apparent but I can guarantee that they are every bit as mind bending!  And finally I take a break and watch some American animation.  I do a  review of the animated movie Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths.

All in all not a bad episode, even though the start was a bit rough.  Enjoy!


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