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Beam Me Up # 254 Utility of Love con. David Steffen

March 26th, 2011 by beamupadmin

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Episode 254 of Beam Me Up is really all over the place this week.  First I play the newest selection from Symphony of Science called “Ode to the Brain”.  See if you can pick out all of the scientists that are used in this selection.

Stories this week are a piece of the new and a piece of the old.  First I play the conclusion to David  Steffen’s “The Utility of Love” and narrated by Wilson Fowlie.  The story comes to an end, but I am willing to bet that the twists and turns that author Steffen works in will having you spinning.  This week I close with a classic called Time Enough At Last by author Lynn Venable which should be familiar to science fiction fans.  This story was adapted by Rod Serling for his television series The Twilight Zone.  The show had Burgess Merideth playing a rather meek gent interested only in having enough time to read, only to break his glasses at the very last moment.  Truly classic sci-fi.

From the Beam Me Up blog at I review Soft Apocalypse by Will McIntosh from Night Shade Books, a video of the NASA SRB recovery ships in action, a short animated selection  “The Incident at Tower 37” written by Chris Perry, From the Science Digest blog  a report  of the details concerning NASA’s DAWN space craft, from Lockheed Martin a rather optimistic look at the future of it Orion flight system in a short film “A New Era of Space Exploration”

There is still just “time enough” to settle in and listen to a great episode of Beam Me Up.

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