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Beam Me Up #258 Stories by Tobias + Barnett

April 23rd, 2011 by beamupadmin

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Another week goes by and its time once again for Beam Me Up.  This week is episode 258 and I think you will agree that 56 minutes has never gone by so fast!

This week I have a couple of stories by new authors to Beam Me Up, music from John Anealio’s new ep and some interesting items from the BMU blog.

I open this week with John’s song We Don’t Need Another Trilogy” a biting comment on movie franchises.  I close this week’s program with another cut from John’s ep, “George R.R. Martin is not Your Bitch.” should an author be required to finish a series?  No! according to this biting commentary.

For stories this week, two new authors to visit Beam Me Up.  Our first story is “Final Report” by B.A. Barnett a science fiction / horror story.  “He told them, don’t open the crypt, it’s a prison! but they didn’t listen, it was loose now, it was not if you would survive, but how long…”  This week’s second story was a nod to the Easter season. “When a science project ends, what do you do with the “test” subjects?”  Harris Tobias spins a tale succeeding against expectations with
Bunnies of the Future.

From this week’s blog entries:

Mike Koehler’s wants to build a Star Wars AT-AT….could he?  and how much would it cost?  This week in April proved to be auspicious,  April 19, 1971 the USSR launched Salyut 1 the world’s first space station.  However if you are a science fiction fan then you know that in the time line from the Sarah Connors Chronicles, Sky Net became self aware 2011 on the 19th of April and shortly afterwards tried to bring about the end of humanity.    Now Mortal Kombat fans may have something to get excited about, a new web series has started up,  Live action Mortal Kombat is available on You Tube (the first two episodes at least) and in my mind it has potential!
ohn Anealio of Sci Fi Songs has a  new E.P. available as a pay what you want album (even free!) on Bandcamp and Adventure Book is releasing 360 page Best Of monster – it contains 48 short stories by 44 authors  – wow, I can’t wait!   That and more on Episode 258

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