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Beam Me Up # 265 Memory con. – Michael Merriam

June 11th, 2011 by beamupadmin

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This week’s episode of Beam Me Up is 265!  As you know I am a fan of the ability of the web to bring together diverse talents to complete a project.  Mostly it is the ability of very talented producers to give us unique productions of well known song titles.  This week I start with a piece originally from the Rolling Stones, Gimme Shelter, but this project brings together diverse instruments and vocal talents for a very rousing rendition.

From the Beam Me Up Blog  I review the animated feature Megamind.  A funny well animated movie with voice talents of Will Ferrell, Brad Pitt and Tina Fey.  From CERN scientist have seemingly done the impossible by trapping anti-hydrogen for an astounding 16  minutes!

Our story this week is part 2 and conclusion to Memory by Michael Merriam.  In the conclusion this week, Lucza Antreus finds out that what she want and what she has to do are not the same thing.  We learn the real reason that her home planet and the rest of known space has spiraled into chaos and the sacrifices that will have to be made to arrest and reverse what has taken centuries to build up to.  If you enjoyed part 1 then your going to really enjoy the conclusion!

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