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Beam Me Up #270 #14 of Dark Inspectre – Jason Kahn + Paid pt 2 – Deanna Knippling

July 16th, 2011 by beamupadmin

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This week on episode 270 of Beam Me Up episode 14 of Jason Kahn’s Dark Inspectre.  Our intrepid detective is framed for a grisly murder.  Which means he is getting close, but before he can prove his innocence  he might find himself dead instead.

Oddcube joins us once again for his unusual brand of reviews –  This week Dungeon Seige is the unfortunate target of his unusual utterances.

From the blog I review the movie Spirit, the review might be of some use, the movie sure wasn’t.
Scientists build a time cloak?  The 2010 Locus awards are in!  Dawn meets Vesta.  Check out a 360 VR view interactive of the Shuttle flight deck.  astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson  along with Neil Armstrong and John Glenn spank NASA.  First time ever a comet has been photographed plowing into the sun.  And did you know that the Buran was built to drop bombs?!!!

I close with part 2 of Paid by Deanna Knippling.  You will not believe how time is handled in this wildly weird tale.  And the bad guy?  even weirder!

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