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Beam Me Up # 271 Paid p3 – Knippling + First Flight – Bale

July 23rd, 2011 by beamupadmin

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Beam Me Up episode 271 continues this week with part 3 of Deanna Knippling’s Paid.  Things get even stranger for our intrepid cross dimensional detective as he begins to unravel his latest murder mystery, from an evangelist that most likely isn’t  a lawyer who is who knows what and Boregard keeps getting himself inconveniently killed….

I open with a new story from an author new to BMU.   Andrew Bale sends in First Flight.  Humanity’s first interstellar flight comes to a very strange end.

From the blog

NASA has signed a deal worth 306 million dollars with Roskomos for six rides to the ISS in 2012 and 2013, or a charge of 51 million dollars per US astronaut. However Russia may up the price.

astronauts aboard the ISS had watched Atlantis as it entered the atmosphere from the stations Cupola viewing window.  And someone snapped a photo!

Hubble has discovered a new moon around Pluto.  So far is the smallest discovered around the dwarf planet.  Designated P4, It has an estimated diameter of 8 to 21 miles.

JoshM reviews the movie Green Lantern.  What should have been an inspiration, Josh describes as  apathetic.

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft began sending back photographs of Vesta from the asteroid belt.

Part of the X chromosome found in people from outside Africa originally comes from our Neanderthal cousins.   So much for the theory that they never interbred!

And Black holes instead of slowing down are spinning faster than they ever have since the Universe began!  How is that possible

That and more from this week’s episode of beam 271

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