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Beam Me Up #274 Dark InSpectre #15 + The Stars Fell pt1 – Keith Latch

August 14th, 2011 by beamupadmin

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Just fun this week on BMU # 274! But right in the middle, there I sit rantin and ravin! Oh well, you can take a horse to water….

Sometimes you find new material in places you would not expect. I have found that many really good animations of comic book fame are seeing a new infusion since their exposure to the big screen. One that has profited by the infusion of Japanese Anime artists is what we would normally call children cartoons. One that I found by scanning through the channels was a reworking of the Iron-man universe in to Iron Man armored adventures. It would seem that anime artists and writers have retooled the older style to a cgi product heavy on action aimed at a teenage audience. Even the theme song has been totally rewritten. I start of with a heavy rock theme song from Rooney, Iron Man Armored Adventures.

From there, I play the first story of the afternoon – episode 15 of Jason Kahn’s Dark InSpectre – This week Jack Garett closes down on the corruption that has covered up unspeakable acts but as he gets closer, he risks becoming one of them!

Second story of the afternoon, I play part one of Keith Latch’s The stars Fell. On the surface, the story would seem to be pretty straight forward but in the next episode thing take a VERY strange twist.

From the Beam Me Up Blog, we first hear from Earth Sky about the possibility of running water on Mars, Next the Pentagon lost the hypersonic HTV-2 which was capable of flying 20 times the speed of sound. Boeing plans on getting into L.E.O. in a big way with it’s CST-100 crew space transport, it plans on using for its own astronauts. This seems to be the answer to the military’s dream. It is possible that this will be the core of a weapons system that could drop bombs just about anywhere within one hour. The crazy thing is this is not as crazy as it gets. I rave about the first choice which was swapping out trident missile warheads to conventional explosives! Yep a left over from the Bush admin. And let’s not forget the suborbital Virgin Galactic who plan is to construct the first launch site outside the United States at Kiruna Sweden, 90 miles north of the arctic circle. For irony… Google’s test-bed Toyota Prius crashed near Google HQ in Mountain View. Witnesses to the accident reported that the crash caused a five-car pile-up and it would seem An offshoot of the South Florida Tea Party called “Tea Party In Space” (T-PIS) is looking to break apart the government’s socialist grip on the final frontier. These people seem to thing that NASA is part of some Evil Government empire….there were lots of conversation on the blog this week about this. Might be worth checking out…the blog I mean!

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