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Beam Me Up # 280 C.J. Wolf & Devin Miller

September 24th, 2011 by beamupadmin

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C.J. Wolf

This week on episode 280 of Beam Me Up I start off with a funny track from Star Wars Fan Girl  called the Star Wars Blu-Ray rap!  Once again fans are up in arms with George’s ‘tweaks’ to the Star Wars Universe.

The first story this week is a tale for all the world in the same universe as Firefly.  But even if not, Good business with guns is a fun telling of the Empires outer fringe worldsand how everything old is new again and in boarder towns, as is often the case, a person’s reputation is maintained at the business end on a gun.  Our reader for this story is Ron Huber who always adds his own spin to everything he reads.

Our second story was written and read by C.J. Wolf titled After Hours at the Black hole.  Often when you throw something away, you would rather it not reappear and certainly not at the worst of times. C.J. Wolf puts a whole new spin on “the trash man”  with devistating effect!

From the blog

The Blu-ray movie disk is on tap this week as a review is the film “Source Code” directed by Duncan Jones and starring  Jake Gyllenhaal Michelle Monaghan Scott Bakula.  Kind of a retelling of the classic science fiction theme.   Around the World in 63 Seconds From the ISS A time-lapse taken from the front of the International Space Station as it orbits our planet at night.  Stunning pics of Vesta from Dawn  and musing as to what exactly happened when the UARS burned in.

That’s this week’s program, last in September.  Next week starts my favorite month.  See you then.



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