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Beam Me Up # 289 Claude & The Henry Moores – Casey Wolf

November 26th, 2011 by beamupadmin

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Totally mixed bag of material on this week’s episode of Beam Me Up number 289.

Before I get too serious I offer Laura Shigihara singing Cube Land.  You really have to check out the YouTube video for this song!  Truly strange.

From the Blog this week – I review Necropolis by Michael Dempsey which is, for lack of a better description – an urban fantasy but with strong science fiction frameworks holding the story up and threaded through it all is a damn good detective murder / mystery!

Is it possible that scientists have discovered a particle that travels faster than the accepted universal limit of 186,282 miles per second, the speed of light.  It would appear that they had measured neutrinos particles which test results show that they traveled around 3.75 miles per second faster than the velocity of light.

To the great sadness of anyone that has ever read anything penned by Anne McCaffrey – the creator of Pern and it’s wonderful dragons has gone between and our world is colder for it.

Plus I spend some time just wondering what to do or for that manner, what I should say about a truly different medical class x-ray.  You can see it on the blog, but that is as far as I plan on taking it.  other that huh? WTF!

And at the bottom   DONT!!!   I play Claude and the Henry Moores written and read by Casey Wolf this story for all the world tell the tale of a man who comes to love art and his expression is probably one of the most unusual I have ever read before.   Now for you that love Casey’s work, she has three stories appearing in _Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road_, edited by Clayton Bye and Sassy Brit.  That sounds like something worth exploring!
Url to the book:

That’s….OMG I keep hearing Buzz Lightyear commercials on the tv!  That just isn’t right!

Once again… that’s about it this week.  Enjoy!

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