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Beam Me Up #307 Trath – David Scholes & the AFDB construction pointers

April 1st, 2012 by beamupadmin

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David Scholes




This week on Beam Me Up episode 307 I try to keep everything moving along as easily as possible with enough of a mix to keep everyone happy. I think you will find I hit the mark fairly well.

I start with Mr. Spaceman from the Byrds which is live, so you can make up your own mind about that. Next it is two from Earth-Sky that talks about the new m95 super-nova that was first see earlier this month. Also an innovative way that we may be able to spot alien cities in the future – look for their bright lights at night. Now I know we don’t have anywhere near enough power to do that now, but in the future it is very likely. Next Ron sends me the url to a couple of rather strange websites, one will teach you the ins and outs of construction and wearing the AFDB or the aluminum foil deflector beenie! The next is software that purports to counter electronic mind control! I didn’t realize that the “electronic” book reader has roots back to 1935! It is true and the plans are pretty damn inventive! On March 26th film director and James Cameron became the third person to bottom of the deep, in the submarine Deepsea Challenger . Cameron’s attempt is even more unusual in that he did the dive solo and there-for the first and only person to do so. New research from scientists at the University of Chicago, suggests that the impact hypothesis on how the Earth’s Moon was created, might be wrong! Here is a new one paleoclimatologists. The study of ancient even prehistoric weather. And it seems they are interested in raindrops from close to the beginning of the Earth.

And I close with a tale of Aliens on the lamb….on Earth. “Trath” Sometimes, very sadly preconceived notions are altogether wrong. When two aliens prisoners crashland on Earth, Human xenophobia kicks in full blast. Now the situation is likely beyond repair. David Scholes Trath tells the tale of companions of war lost and dying on an alien shore.

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