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Beam Me Up #316 Legion of the Dead – Andrew Bale + Pulse – Stephen Gaskell

June 2nd, 2012 by beamupadmin

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In episode 316 of Beam Me Up, we managed to sneak in some foolishness but over all I have to say, this week was just plain good! I start off the hour with a piece of anime music.
The opening to Persona4 called Key Plus Words which is a really good fast piece and I think it has to be one of the best opening cuts for an anime series yet.

Third week for the Trek Trivia and I think I am getting comfortable with the format. Still rough around the edges but it is interesting if nothing else. I continue on with a couple more question for next week.

First story of the afternoon is “Legion of the Dead” by Andrew Bale. This is the second story from Andrew. I read his First Flight back in episode 271. This story is a lot more polished than his last. outing which I liked very much as well. But if you like military sci-fi and maybe a sprinkling of the berserker then you are going to really like “Legion of the Dead” by Andrew Bale.

Before I start with the blog proper, I play an article from Earth Sky asking the question, do meteors make a noise?

From this week’s blog entries at I do a review of the mixed animation/cgi live action movie HOP…..and no I am not proud of myself, I had a weak moment and made some poor choices… Space X ends a flawless mission with the Dragon/ISS – Space Bread, raised and ready to bake in 5 seconds! – Charles Whitehead writing in the NewYorker has a very nostalgic piece about how early sci-fi on tv was an integral part of his post school-day activities. I think you will love the post. – I found a real interesting article on how our time system came to be what it is today. From a most unsuspecting place!
And the last article is a chat telepresence robot you wear on your shoulder….oh yes, every bit as creepy as it sounds.

Before I start the last story proper, I found the funniest riff on a Lady Ga-Ga and that is all I am going to tell you about that!

Our last is a story from Stephen Gaskell called “Pulse” read by Ron Huber. This is a calm thoughtful piece and I am sure everyone will enjoy this.

That’s it! Beam Me Up for another week. Enjoy!

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