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Beam Me Up #321 Home Sweet Home – Crystal Wizard + This Life – Lee Halison

July 7th, 2012 by beamupadmin

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Well this week’s 800 lb gorilla was the confirmation of the discovery of the Higgs bosun particle. I swear, I don’t spend all afternoon fixated on that one subject however. But is was certainly worth a mention.

First however is a story by CrystalWizard. not only does CW support the podcast above and beyond, she has also been known to contribute an excellent tale as well. This week we have a chilling piece called Home Sweet Home.

Quick on the heels of CW’s work is the ongoing Star Trek trivia with two new question this week.

From EarthSky is a short piece of news about NASA’s planned Curiosity Rover due to land on Mars in August of 2012. Curiosity is a giant leap forward in technology over the past platforms. Curiosity is as large as a small car and has a scientific load rivaling many universities!

From the Beam Me Up blog, An international team of scientists say they have found a massive impact crater in Greenland a billion years older than other known asteroid impact on Earth. Antipodean iisue 169 now online with a host of really wonder flash fiction this month. Copenhagen Suborbitals tested its liquid propellant TM65 engine which is the largest liquid fueled engine build by private funding. The film I have online is really quite impressive showing the engine on a static frame and being fired. Very impressive! Former astronaut “Rusty” Schweickart and other scientific professionals of the B612 Foundation report that they are on tract to map the roughly one million Earth crossing asteroids that exist in the inner Solar System and possibly pose a threat to Earth. B612 plans to launch the infrared space telescope call Sentinel, with in the next five years to start the mapping process. And much more. Plus much more….including the Japanese product that belies description! Enjoy!

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