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Beam Me Up # 322 Safety Features – Wickenhofer + In Plain Sight #10 – Jason Kahn

July 14th, 2012 by beamupadmin

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Jason Kahn



Hot in the studio once again so you will find things were a bit goofy today. But all in all I think that the program was good it was just that the ebs keep chiming in so when I edited it all out there was only 49 minutes when I really DID go the whole hour…promise!

My start off story this week was a piece of flash fiction from the pages of this month’s Antipodean. New author to Beam Me Up Jake Wikenhofer and I read his story Safety Features. I close with Jason Kahn’s In Plain Sight episode 10.

From the blog and other places, we first have our Star Trek Trivia questions. I am having great fun with this one…eventually I suspect some with start emailing answers but you know, I think I would do it anyway! Next a rather off the wall weather report. The video was fun but I play the audio on the program and that alone is totally funny! Well they have found something that fits the bill as Dr Higgs Boson, but what I found entertaining yesterday was some clever soul put the particle data set to music! He may have taken liberties with the music but I have to admit it IS entertaining. Randall XKCD Munroe has started a blog called What If and his first question is really fun! Then our newest editor Kallamis asks a very basic question WTF Happened?! Instead of just telling you about it, because the submission is so provoking, I read the post during the program. we got lucky this week with three really good articles from EarthSky which I play. Earth Sky really is a great place for short and long news articles!

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