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Beam Me Up @ 329 The Dive p2 – Ed McKeown + Addiction – Natalie J.E. Potts

September 1st, 2012 by beamupadmin

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Episode 329 of Beam Me Up is chocker block full this week!
First off is an interesting song I found while looking for background music. From Fit and the Coniptions is Sweet Sister Starlight. Not really science fiction themed, but strand and undearving. And can we go a week without any star trek trivia! I end the star date questions with the final two this week. On to other Star Trek questions next week!

The first story this week is a piece of flash from Antipodean called Addiction from Natalie Potts. Demonstrating that addiction can take many many forms. Next from the Beam Me Up blog I review the anime series Sounds of the Sky. A short 12 part series that has the potential to grab you and hang on. Next up is three articles from earth / sky that run the gaumet of interesting features. For some interesting Curiosity news, a youTube enthuiast took the 4fps landing film and converted it to an astounding 25fps and the effect is amazing! Next it’s news concerning Juno and Dawn spacecraftwho have made different burns to help them complete their missions. There are several other less than Earth shattering but fun stuff worth checking out.

Finally I play part two this week of Ed McKeown’s The Dive and things are getting weirder!

That’s it in this week’s episode. Check it out, I would hazzard a guess that you find it entertaining!


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