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Beam Me Up # 330 In Plain Sight #12 – Kahn + The Dive #3 – McKeown

September 9th, 2012 by beamupadmin

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Jason Kahn







This week on Episode 330 of Beam Me Up I start by wondering  if 3d printing may be a bit of blue sky reasoning. Being  able to custom make parts has the potential to be quite  liberating but if we look back to a story I read in ’07  from Cory Doctorow that was a chilling look into the future
of 3d printers.


Next we return to New Eden for the first story of the  afternoon, episode 12 of Jason Kahn’s In Plain Sight.
Telepathic cop Jack Garrett continues to discover very  bizzare details of a macabre murder.


Hey I start a new section in Star Trek trivia, no more  numbers…lots more fun!


Next from the Beam Me Up blog:

How about a review?! Yeah? Predators? Oh come on!!! Look  it really wasn’t all that bad! Check out my review!


Xnewsman sends in a funny video copilation of Spock saying   his favorite word! Why isn’t this just as iconic as Bones’ I’m a Doctor, Not a ….dammit! Prepair yourself for one of the most bizzare Terry Crews’ video to date. You simply
HAVE to check this interactive video out! And after that  breakdown, I play a couple of excellent articles from Earth  Sky. The short film Reboot by Andrew McMurry made for  Little Rock 2012 48-Hour Film Project. It is a fine made
little short that really should be seen to apriciate.
Finally the show this week closes with part 3 of Ed  McKeown’s The dive.

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