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Ed McKeown



Here is episode 332 of Beam Me Up, for your enjoyment!


yaaaeeeeee are we excited yet?  Wow, tough crowd….


Well, anyway, I warm up with an oldie, Thomas Dolby’s She  blinded me with science.


Next is the first story of the afternoon, Mark Webb’s The Gloriously Cunning plan which demonstrates that even the best laid plans can often be unraveled when one does not take in crucial facts.


Up next is Star Trek Trivia with two new trivia questions!


Ok, now on to the BMU blog!


Have you heard about planet Nibiru? If no, then listen to the Earth Sky article I found!


I rented both of the animated Ultimate Avengers animated straight to disk movies.  The first movie in particular
really followed the Marvel Avenger history line.  Check out  my reviews of both movies on disk.  And on the ISS, NASA, with shades of Apollo 13, two EVA astronauts assure the continuation of some of the crittical systems with some unusual parts!


Is FTL possible? NASA steps back and rethinks it’s position as some high level mathamatics which, on paper,
seem to show that it might just be possible with far lower energy requirements than was previously calculated!


And finally, part 5 of Edward McKeown’s The Dive.  Enjoy!

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