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Beam Me Up # 360 Know How – Can Do – Michael Blumlein + Tratth – Intervention – David Scholes

April 7th, 2013 by beamupadmin

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David Sholes

David Sholes











After the intro, I spend a moment doing my favorite subject “did you know?” I love to pull this on people all the time.

The first story I read this afternoon is the conclusion to Michael Blumlein’s “Know How Can Do” and I know you will apriciate the ending of this story as much as I did.
Earth-Sky is winding down, but they managed to have several articles this week. Excellent article on Galaxies caught in the act of accreting star material. The Dawn spacecraft continues to turn in good stuff as it continues to orbit the huge asteroid Vesta and finally the sun continues to build activity as evidenced by it’s continued sunspots and flares.
Of course you know I have to do Star Trek Trivia! And the stuff I find out is astounding! I am coming to believe that I must have been watching another show! lol
Before the last story, I spend some time bringing everyone up to speed on the Beam Me Up Blog at This week, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter took pictures of Curiosity when it landed but mostly what it took pics of was the heat shield, the skycrane and other items. Well the Nasa team is using the Hirise camera to take pictures of the parachute with surprising results! Next I have the list of this years Hugo Science Fiction Awards. Some good stuff there!
I finish with the most recent of the Trathh stories – Trathh – Intervention. This story is part of the Trathh series that David has been running on WRFR in Rockland Maine (WRFR.ORG) Next Month I will finish the series, but I honestly hope David will continue on with his great SF/F stories.


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