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Beam Me Up #377 Dave – Deal Giles + Long Shot – Kevin Phyland

September 15th, 2013 by beamupadmin

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Kevin J. Phyland

Kevin J. Phyland









Wow, Beam Me Up episode 377, that is what three in a row without self-destructing again!  Hey I am on a roll here!

Sooooooo couple of stories on tap this week as well as Star Trek trivia and news from the blog.

The first story for the afternoon is Kevin Phyland’s ‘Long Shot’  I follow that up directly with Star Trek Trivia.  This week, part one of  ‘Menagerie’

Finally getting caught up on the news articles, so from the blog:  First Kallamus does his weekly rundown with some really good news, life may have come from Mars to Earth…, I post a short video of a add for a tv screen, but how they show how good the screen’s resolution really is…..well you can’t help but laugh and I think only Japan could get away with this,  one of the largest shield volcanos in the solar system has been discovered and it is right here on Earth!

Finally for the afternoon…Part 1 of Dean Giles “Dave”

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