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David Scholes

David Scholes









After my opening comments at the start of Beam Me Up 385 I play Listen by Meakitty which if don’t miss my guess is a riff on Zelda

Next I take a moment for some Star Trek TOS and talk about the episode “The Alternative Factor” and some of the hijinks that went on to ruin what could have been a very good show.

From the BMU Blog first off, the most recent meteorite strike in Russia and how this may reflect negativly on frequency of maybe instead of every other century, every decade or so. What would the North American coastline look like if all the polar ice melted at once.  The Russians had to move a Soyuz capsule to make room for a new complement that another Soyuz is bringing  up to fill out the crew complement to 9.

It also may be possible that the Milkyway and Andromeda may have already collided 10 billion years ago and as such may fundamentally change our understanding of gravity.

You will not believe the age of the person who has discovered a supernova that no one has ever seen before!

And finally David Scholes The Battle at Times End which is a fine story.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

That’s it!  Hope you enjoy the program

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