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Beam Me Up #389 Post Human Condition Dean Giles

December 8th, 2013 by beamupadmin

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Dean Giles

Dean Giles








wow, what a funky feeling today…but I stivered through, and all said and done, I think 389, after some work, came out ok. This week, after some observations, I play one of my fave tongue in cheek song – Game On: The Guild.

Next is a return to Games.  This time I corrected for on air distortion that I didn’t know was there, so for those of you that mentioned the crackling, here is a clean copy.

Next on the blog the Chinese launch a moon mission! Evolution may have been kickstarted by interspecies breeding!  Solar power from the moon? Could happen…..

Aaaaaaaaand we next go for another installation of the Post Human Condition.  Now I know, I keep calling it part three….duh, but this is the second installation of Dean Giles fantastic story.



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