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Beam Me Up # 398 Trathh: Return to Empire

February 10th, 2014 by beamupadmin

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David Sholes

David Sholes








BMU 398 is here!  So  lets get started

My first offering is an unusual peice of anime music.  From all things a series that I have avoided for years.  I was looking for some cutsie anime music so I watched this episode and was floored on the ending song.  It’s great!  So is the series surprisingly enough covers so many different aspects of life and it is not kiddy anime…weird

I have been reading on the James Webb and I start the science continue on the Webb space telescope.

Next is my review of Elyisium  With Matt Damon and Jodie Foster.  Next, NASA wants the ISS to get cold. Plus have you seen the new trailer for the next Captain America wow.

Oh and you can now see Felix’s jump from near space.  All the camera footage has been released.

And Tratth: Return to Empire  By David Scholes

That’s it in a nut shell!  Enjoy

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