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Beam Me Up #411 – Linger – Ken Liu + Dark Inspectre #26 – Jason Kahn

June 22nd, 2014 by beamupadmin

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Ken Liu

Ken Liu







Welcome to episode 411 of Beam Me Up. After my opening comments,  I
once again play the opening music to the rather calm anime series called Kashima’s Kiss.

I follow this straight up with this month’s Dark Inspectre series, by Jason Kahn.  This month – episode 26. Jack has been flat on his back for two episodes so far. He is still recovering from the ambush. The down time does have it’s good side so far as it gives him time to put names to faces, so to speak.

From the blog this week:

NASA is still hoping for favorable weather conditions to launch a huge helium balloon into the stratosphere to test the supersonic parachutes it would like to use on some of the heavy Mars missions Hubble data shows that dwarf galaxies were very important in the early universe.

I close with a great story from Dean Ing called Linger.  I asked Dean several years ago if I could read this one but as you know this went to hell in a hand basket there for a while with my health.  I already had it recorded so I mixed some tracks and I like the outcome.  I hope you do as well.

Thanks for listening.


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