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Beam Me Up #413 – Ringminers’s Daughter

July 7th, 2014 by beamupadmin

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Duncan Shields

Duncan Shields









After my opening comments and playing the opening music from Durara which is a highly inventive anime series, I head straight to the Beam Me Up Blog.

First up, Kallimus talks about the new season of Space Dandy.  I follow that up with an original production from Netflix called Knights of Sidonia, which after a couple of episodes I would give the series a thumbs up.  The next anime offering is from Crunchyroll which will be offering “Rail Wars” sound very promising.

On the science side of the news – I find an article on 3d biopringing. In this case vascular network for 3d organs.

On the Goldilocks type planets, there is evidence that some may not even exist.  From – Gum-15 a stellar nursery nebula of super massive stars may be destroyed by the very stars that

Fan of Futurerama?  How about Farnsworth’s smelloscope?  Do you know that NASA has an individual that does a very similar function….

I found this very disturbing video of a dancing puppet and I do mean disturbing.  Check out the video on the Beam Me Up blog at

hey if you can’t swing a quarter mil for a ride into space. How about a balloon ride that is much cheaper and goes to about 122 thousand.

And an Airforce engineer has found a very inventive way of detecting and tracking space debris.

The story this week is Ringminer’s Daughter by Duncan Shields


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