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Beam Me Up # 419 Science, reviews + stories by Jason Kahn + David Scholes

August 19th, 2014 by beamupadmin

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Jason Kahn

Jason Kahn








In my opening comments I talk about “Future Diary” an excellent anime series all so I can play the opening theme for same!

Next a review of “RIO pt2” in short, calling it a turd is doing it a favor.

I always like the week where I get to run another episode of IPS.

This week Episode 28 of In Plain Sight written and narrated by Jason Kahn, 28th months from the talented Mr. Kahn 2 and 1/3 years and he is still going strong.  I honestly hope he decides to compile these great stories into an ebook, that would be so great!

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has again spotted something on Titan of  scientific interest.  Plus some trivia on Titan.

It is no surprise that I really like the concept of 3d printers.  Now that they are becoming affordable and easy to operate, the are becoming much more prevalent, even NASA is taking up the reigns for the devices.

And catch up on the darkest material yet…it’s wild!

And the final story for the afternoon is “Even a Non-Corporeal Can Get  Lonely by David Scholes

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