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Beam Me Up # 423 – Asimov, CrystalWizard,review of The Machine

September 15th, 2014 by beamupadmin

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Here we go for another week – It’s episode 423 of Beam Me Up!

I open with Eat Dreams which is a remix of Eurythmics music and commercials audio.

Next is a milestone update for the rover Curiosity plus NASA’s next gen of heavy lift rocket that will ferry astronauts and cargo¬† anywhere from low Earth orbit to Mars or beyond.

The first story for the afternoon is The Last Question chapter 3 by Asimov.

From the BMU blog: First a review of the British SF movie “The Machine”

A look at the next Batmobile, the argument of can a person or country “own” asteroids or other heavenly bodies?¬† Can you brew in space? Did Nicaragua get slammed by a piece off low flying asteroid?

And chapter 3 of book one of CrystalWizard’s Wizard’s Bane is the final story for the afternoon.

Enjoy and thanks for listening!

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