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Beam Me Up # 439 Human Hunter – Scholes Mimsey con – read by Crystal Wizard

February 16th, 2015 by beamupadmin

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David Scholes

David Scholes





Episode 439 up and at ya!

This week after music to get the ball rolling I start with the first  story of the afternoon – another story in the Human Hunter series by David Scholes.  This week “Clash at the British Facility”.

From the BMU blog, I review The Maze Runner
which pretty much tells you all you need and I talk a bit about a new quantum paper that suggests that the Universe has always been here?!!!

And for the last story of the day is the conclusion of Mimsey were the




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  1. The next story in my “Human Hunter” series has been pod cast on Paul Cole’s Beam Me Up site | davidkscholes Says:

    […] Hunter” series “Human Hunter – Clash At The British Facility” on his Beam Me Up Site:… My story starts at 11 minutes 39 seconds into the pod cast. Many thanks […]