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Beam Me Up #442 Deep Web – Scholes + In Plain Sight #34 – Kahn

March 26th, 2015 by beamupadmin

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Jason Kahn

Jason Kahn








Hi and welcome to this week’s episode of Beam Me Up.  This is episode 442.

Area of discussion this episode is quantum mechanic’s proofs and the many worlds conjecture as a results of one area of quantum “proofs”

I start this episode with a musical name “The Right Time” which was the closing theme for the anime series Paraclete.

The first story this afternoon is episode 34 of Jason Kahn’s “In Plain Sight”

From there, I head it over to the blog for Beam Me Up. This episode starts with the quantum many worlds idea, which is bizarre enough on it’s own right, but when combined with a mathematical proof system, its then that things get well, weird.

I talk for a moment about the “proof of concept” film “Sundays” which of its own right is a wicked powerful as well as a compilation of all that made the sci fi adventure flick entertaining.

There is now mounting proof that super-nova are indeed the things planets are made of.  A lot of them!

I found an app that shows all the cyber – well – attack activity around the world and how much is pointed straight at the USA!  Not just government but private institutions as well!

and the final story this afternoon is from David Scholes called Deep Web.  A strange and weird story about very very deep web sites.

And That is it for episode 442!  Enjoy!

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