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Beam Me Up #443 English Dead – Stanger + Compressed Time – Scholes

April 12th, 2015 by beamupadmin

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David Scholes

David Scholes







Hello and welcome to Beam Me Up episode 443.

This week is a treat, a new story from David Scholes and a fascinating tale from a new writer to BMU   Vaughan Stanger.

But first, after the opening monologue I play the opening music to El: called Friendship.

The next order of business is the first story of the afternoon called “Living on Compressed Time” by David Scholes.

After which I skip over to the Beam Me Up Blog where Kallimus reviews the Dare Devil release, I do the Riddick straight to disk “Dark Fury” a piece on how many stars might be visible vs how many there really are.

Which leads us to the final story for the afternoon from new writer Vaughan Stanger called the English Dead.


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