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Beam Me Up #449 Featuring a new story from David Scholes

July 30th, 2015 by beamupadmin

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David Scholes

David Scholes










welcome to Beam Me Up, episode 449.

This week I gripe about the lack real news or at least news that isn’t focused on death and depravity!

I take a break and play “Luna Industries” theme music for the movie “Moon”.

From there I found an article describing the sling shot effect that the larger planets have on smaller craft.

The Keplier space telescope has made a startling new discovery.

Finally, David Scholes’ story “Bad Dreams” finishes out the week.


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  1. My “Bad Dreams” sci-fi story pod cast on the Beam Me Up Pod Cast site | davidkscholes Says:

    […] Paul Cole has just pod cast my “Bad Dreams” science fiction story on his Beam Me Up Pod Cast site. The story is the last item on the pod cast and starts about 48 minutes 25 seconds into the pod cast. He was also kind enough to mention my new Human Hunter book. Many thanks Paul! […]