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Beam Me Up #453 Quest – Muzz – Echo – Alexandra-Grunberg

September 29th, 2015 by beamupadmin

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Alexandra Grunberg

Alexandra Grunberg







I start with a short talk on NASA for all intents selling off crucial and essential facilities.

Then I am off with a piece of music that could be considered a true birds on a wire.

Then it is off to the first story of the day – Quest by Muzz

Back to the blog I found that the Hugos were out.  However the mood was so negative that
the unthinkable.  I will let you listen to uncover the absolute the total weirdness that was
the 2015 Hugo awards.

I once again have the opportunity to speak about black holes and pocket universes.

The blog:  Sci-Fi Storm gets the down and dirty on some of the shows that did not make the cut.

But the Sci-Fi channel is well on its way to producing some classic science fiction of the past
few years.

Lastly our last story Echo by Alexandra-Grunberg

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