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This week I have two stories.  Opening Doors by Sean Mulroy and Handyman by Frank Banta.  I start with Elton John’s Rocketman, then head over for a few articles from the blog.   Astronomers have observed the most luminous galaxies   in the universe.  10 bil 4 after big bang.  Bigelow spacecraft module.  Supergirl still has not been reserved.  The Batman / Joker animation “The Killing Joke” is due out this summer and The Justice League vs Tean Titans is available as of this publication.  Finally Adam Nemoy “For the Love of Spock” has released a trailer.  Adam raised over 600 thousand dollars towards the final project.  No time line yet, but I can not imagine it being too far out there.

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Himanshu Goel

Himanshu Goel






Is brainwashing torture? Well it certainly seems that way in Himanshu Goel’s futuristic tale Brainwashing 101

I revisit Bad Dreams again with a lot of local listeners missing the first broadcast, no loss,  stories by Dave Scholes are like fine wine “even better with age”

From the blog:  a couple of great video sound tracks, really strange Mars picks, Planes that boggle the imagination and conversation points from yours truly.

news from Ed McKeown, a new book “My Outcast State” Now on



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Vaughan Stanger

Vaughan Stanger







Hi, welcome to episode 444 of Beam Me Up After opening, I play a fairly smooth and quiet piece of anime music leading up to the 25th anniversary of Hubble with just a few discussion points concerning Hubble as one of the single greatest research tool of the 20th century.

From the blog a  short film on the paradoxes of time travel which proves very funny, New Horizons nears to it flyby of Pluto, I comment on the ultimate failure of Alton Musk’s Falcon booster, Carole sent me an article on electric space craft engine.

Kallimus sends in an article about a new cable program hosted by Neal DeGrasse which sounds fascinating!

There are a few more articles..

Lastly is The English Dead by Vaughan Stanger part two.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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David Scholes

David Scholes







Hello and welcome to Beam Me Up episode 443.

This week is a treat, a new story from David Scholes and a fascinating tale from a new writer to BMU   Vaughan Stanger.

But first, after the opening monologue I play the opening music to El: called Friendship.

The next order of business is the first story of the afternoon called “Living on Compressed Time” by David Scholes.

After which I skip over to the Beam Me Up Blog where Kallimus reviews the Dare Devil release, I do the Riddick straight to disk “Dark Fury” a piece on how many stars might be visible vs how many there really are.

Which leads us to the final story for the afternoon from new writer Vaughan Stanger called the English Dead.


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Jason Kahn

Jason Kahn








Hi and welcome to this week’s episode of Beam Me Up.  This is episode 442.

Area of discussion this episode is quantum mechanic’s proofs and the many worlds conjecture as a results of one area of quantum “proofs”

I start this episode with a musical name “The Right Time” which was the closing theme for the anime series Paraclete.

The first story this afternoon is episode 34 of Jason Kahn’s “In Plain Sight”

From there, I head it over to the blog for Beam Me Up. This episode starts with the quantum many worlds idea, which is bizarre enough on it’s own right, but when combined with a mathematical proof system, its then that things get well, weird.

I talk for a moment about the “proof of concept” film “Sundays” which of its own right is a wicked powerful as well as a compilation of all that made the sci fi adventure flick entertaining.

There is now mounting proof that super-nova are indeed the things planets are made of.  A lot of them!

I found an app that shows all the cyber – well – attack activity around the world and how much is pointed straight at the USA!  Not just government but private institutions as well!

and the final story this afternoon is from David Scholes called Deep Web.  A strange and weird story about very very deep web sites.

And That is it for episode 442!  Enjoy!

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David Scholes

David Scholes






Wow, episode 441! Who knew?

This week I open with a foot tapping piece from Ingrid Michaelson called “Time Machine” and if it doesn’t get a foot tapping, your dead!

The first story for the day is from Michael Juby called Timothy’s Offensive Life.  A bit of a change up that you are sure to enjoy.

From the blog  Finally a representation of light’s dual states.  I do a couple of reviews.  First is “Earth to Echo”   The Dawn spacecraft has arrived at Ceres.

Second movie review is “Wolf Children” is so much better than Earth to Echo.

Wow, have you seen the new promo pic of Super Girl?

“New Generation” by David Scholes is the final story for the afternoon.  Hope you enjoy


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David Scholes

David Scholes





Episode 439 up and at ya!

This week after music to get the ball rolling I start with the first  story of the afternoon – another story in the Human Hunter series by David Scholes.  This week “Clash at the British Facility”.

From the BMU blog, I review The Maze Runner
which pretty much tells you all you need and I talk a bit about a new quantum paper that suggests that the Universe has always been here?!!!

And for the last story of the day is the conclusion of Mimsey were the




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Hi, welcome to episode 438 of Beam Me Up.  This week, something
slightly different.  I had several pieces of stories that by all rights should have played this month. But things being a being as they may, I am catching up on them all.

First off, we have the latest episode in Michael Juby’s Squeek Squeek
series which takes up multi – generational star ships, but with a twist.

Then, from the blog we have an excellent article on quantum spin, this one will spin your brain sideways!

Next up is Jason Kahn’s In Plain View episode 32.  I don’t know about
you but I am treasuring each of these episodes.

I review Elfin Lied anime series.

I am forever looking for the short films on YouTube.  This episode is no exception.  I found simply enough a short called Portal.  it is short but very entertaining.

I close with pt3 of Mimsy Were The Borogroves.

This and more.  Enjoy!

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Jason Kahn

Jason Kahn










Hey Hey!  Episode 434 of Beam Me Up is on the way….corny I know but it IS the season…..

So to keep is short and sweet:

I play a track from Season Geekings, by John Anealio, called Winter’s Day

Stories this week are –

The Little Helper by Kat Otis is the first for the afternoon
I close with episode 31 of  the Dark Inspectre series.

Talking points:

Review of the live action movie Kite –
The Curiosity rover finds unexpected Methane spikes
I read a listener supplied review of “Future Diary”

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Episode 431

I open with are review of the science fiction movie Snow Piercer I also note that Chris Hadfield’s version of David Bowie’s Space

Oddity is back on YouTube thanks to the man himself!

First story of the weekend is Episode 30 of the Dark Inspectre Jason Kahn.

From the BMU log:

You can win a ride into space for free!  Most stars may not be in a home galaxy…  The ISS almost had a close encounter with some space trash.  How about an astronomy first?  The first ever pictures of a proto, planetary system.  And the universe may have started out of nothing?

Final Story  Wizard’s Bane ch5 pt1 by CrystalWizard

That’s it!  Enjoy