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Himanshu Goel

Himanshu Goel






Is brainwashing torture? Well it certainly seems that way in Himanshu Goel’s futuristic tale Brainwashing 101

I revisit Bad Dreams again with a lot of local listeners missing the first broadcast, no loss,  stories by Dave Scholes are like fine wine “even better with age”

From the blog:  a couple of great video sound tracks, really strange Mars picks, Planes that boggle the imagination and conversation points from yours truly.

news from Ed McKeown, a new book “My Outcast State” Now on



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For an opening to this week’s program I start with Mushi – shi opening song “The Sore Feet Song” by Ally Kerr.  For fans, there is a follow on season now available.

This week from the blog, the canceled boost glide tech used in the Boing X20 Dyna Soar that originated in the 50s and canceled by the end of the decade.  The weird thing? Maybe  it wasn’t all that canceled?

Next I review the movie “On The Beach” based on the Nevil Shute novel of the same name.

There may be more proof that the Moon WAS created by a giant impactor.

Again the Hubble Space Telescope has taken ground breaking deep field photos that will change a lot of what we know about the formation of the early universe.

Finally Phil Temple sends in “The Little Thief” by Phil Temple


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Cory Doctorow

Cory Doctorow








After some opening comments on this weekend’s Beam Me Up (episode 399).  I again play Love is coming back from an anime classic, this time I again posit the question, does the artist at times sound like an early Rod Stewart at times?

First up is a op ed piece from my favorite op/ed writer Kallimus and he is in good for this week!!!!

While my opening info peice concerns a low gravity simulation lab.  Better known as the vomit rockets.  And an unusual use of these devices.

I do a review of Enders Game the movie…

And finally I do get a story in.  Part one of Cory Doctorow’s By his things, shall you know him.


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matt london

matt london








So, here we are at  BMU episode 391.  After a short opening monologue I play Winter Day by John Anealio which I feel is one of his best tracks.

Last week I did not have enough time to play the last few minutes of Dean Giles’ Post Human Condition so, I right that wrong this week and take a few moments to make sure that every one get a chance to hear the who work because it really is so good.

Over in the beam Me Up blog, The Chang’e 3’s rover Jade Rabbit has separated from its lander.

Next I review David Scholes’s collection of 21 stories – Trathh and other Stories which is every bit as excellent as you can imagine!

Is it possible that Halley’s Comet could have caused death and destruction?

Neowise is the former NASA spacecraft Wise that has been repurposed. I talk about its new mission.

Have you heard of the Technological Singularity?  In short it is when tech gets so advanced it rivals or surpasses human inteligence…

My final story of the day is Matt London’s The Show Must…

Finally I fill out the hour with a Christman favorite played by Kenny G.

That covers this week, I hope you enjoy it.  See you next week.


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As per usual, I get my episode numbers mangled again. I keep calling this show 355 but it IS in fact 356. Sorry about that!

In show 356 of BMU I open with a song that describes what a “real” spiderman might be like…and yeah it is that funny.

Next I play episode 18 of the Dark Inspectre series by Jason Kahn.

Phil joins me for a discussion of one man’s effort to get a radio controlled flier to the edge of space. I have heard of many different kinds of items being flown, but I have to say this radio glider is a first I think. More can be found on YouTube on David Windestal at

I read Kallamus’ weekly rundown of events from Martian rover temporary shutdown to first ever evidence of an extra solar planet in the early stages of formation.

I next play several articles from Earth Sky.

Star Trek Trivia is next with questions like, do you know how many screens there are on the bridge of the Enterprise? or how many years can the Enterprise go without being restocked?

I then review “Writers on the Wrong Side of the Track” a very
“Dangerous Visions” type of stories.

How about two rat brains linked electronically?! It’s happened.

Finally part 2 of Michael Blumlein’s “Know How Can Do”

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Edward McKeown

Episode 334 of Beam Me Up is at hand! This week, I tie up one story arc, start another small one and an anime fan joins me to talk about a movie we just watched.
First I open with the Bare-naked Ladies doing their theme song for the television show Big Bang Theory.
The first story of the afternoon is Mark Webb’s In the Service of the Public.  This story an Earth diplomat in service to an inter-galactic government. Webb has managed to make the subject entertaining and even develop a small story arc.  As odd a subject this would seem, from what I have read so far that no matter how things change and evolve there is always a functionary some where keeping the  “machinery” rolling.  Webb seems to have captured the essence of the true architects of empire.  We will see as the Interstellar Coalition Public Service and the Aazork public service evolves. My reading is a little rough however.  It was a last minute addition to this week’s line up.
Next is a couple of really excellent science article from Earth Sky dealing with the Van Allen radiation belts and the Tunguska event.
Then it is time once again for Star Trek Trivia.  Two new questions this week.
If you are an anime fan and have seen the Tri Gun series or even if you haven’t, you are going to want to take a listen to our review of the Tri gun movie Badlands Rumble which is an excellent to the TriGun universe or an excellent return to the Vash the Stampede universe.  Anime fan and listener to the program Jeremey joins me to talk about the movie and the TriGun series in general.  I know I had a great time,  and I hope you have just as much entertainment!
David Sholes has a new collection of short stories called Speculative Fiction: The Ultimate Collection.  Dave sent over a copy of the collection for me to take a look at.  Since it was a nice mix of stories we have seen on BMU and new I thought a review was in order.
Ron posts an article about the Curiosity rover and many other of our equipment still out there doing science.  As new and as cutting edge they are, the probes and rovers are held together by tech, thousands of years old!
Finally I play the conclusion of Edward McKeown’s excellent story “The Dive”.  Everything moves ultra fast in this week’s final.  I think you will agree that this has been one of the better written and narrated series the show is running.
That and some other foolishness this week on episode 334 of Beam Me Up!

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apollo 11 Boot print


Beam Me Up episode 323 for July 21 2012 is up and running!

My rant this week was, I went around and asked some people so what do you know about July 20th? Can you think of anything exciting? I want to thank Xnewsman for breaking the ice on this one because I had ranted before and nada. If you remember great, if not listen to the podcast….nuff said.

Let’s talk about audio fiction.

This week we have a couple of short works that I am sure will keep you interested. The first is “What if /2” by Christine Gladstone, which tell the story of a classic science thought experiment from a VERY unique perspective. The closing story this week is “Shipwrecked” by Mark Webb. Again a very classic tale with a unique perspective. Here is an advanced race of interstellar explorers who are judging Humanity’s fitness to join the galactic federation, by devising a conclusive test that no one can fail to understand. But what happens if there be dragons?

From Christine’s story I proceed straight to Star Trek Trivia, where each week I ask a couple of new trivia questions from the iconic original Star Trek. The Earth Sky website had three great questions in this week’s download file (not to say that the rest were not interesting, however did not really pertain to this week’s material) and I am sure you will want to go to Earth_Sky for more!

This week for review: I managed to get a copy of the newest “hero” dvd. By that I mean, the Black Panther is a relatively new player in the overall DC Comic lineup and recently I have seen this character showing up more and more short / and featurettes. Eventually I discovered that Black Panther was a BET original with Stan Lee, so you will find more details and a information about the episodes and the dvd.

From the Beam Me Up blog I found a youTube video of the Batman tv show window gags. Dave Sholes’ book Alien Hunter / Star Trooper is also reviewed. I should have done it when I played his story Intervention which is in part a telling of the aftermath of a great war (check out episode 320 for the short story) Where Alien Hunter tell the tale of the war itself! The blog ( will really be a great resource as is this podcast in finding out more of where to get it and what it reads like! Before I play the last story this week, I close with my feelings on the loss of Eureka. If you have read the blog you know that I am not a happy camper….well….that’s only the start.

And of course the close is Shipwrecked.


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Ken Scholes



This week’s program goes by FAST!  I start a new series, an Urban Fantasy piece called Clock Work penned and voiced in part by Erin Bassett.    At the bottom of the hour is a strange tale of ultimate escapism called The Boy Who Could Bend and Fall from the very talented hand of Ken Scholes.

In between the two pieces I visit the Beam Me Up blog at

I review Thor on Blu-ray / DVD.  Directed by Kenneth Branagh  and starring Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Natalie Portman as Jane Foster, Tom Hiddleston as Loki and Anthony Hopkins as Odin.  A bit of a mixed bag of a movie. Lots of the same ingredients that drives any movie, but in the end for all the flash, not much substance.

On the flip side is  The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy of the year vol 5 edited by  Jonathan Strahan.  Published by Night Shade Books.  A great collection of stories that some with recognize from the podcast and a ton of really good stories.

Back when the solar system was only 600 million years old the system looked and acted much much stranger than it does today. For instance it now appears that at this early stage in the formation of the solar system there may have been more than four giant planets initially, and some were ejected into inter-stellar space.

NASA was able to talk to the 35 year old Voyager 2 and give it commands that it carried out without pause.  The new configuration will all Voyager to conserve power and continue to do science well into the next decade!

Overall a great show.  Enjoy!

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Jason Kahn


This episode for the first week in October 2011, as usual I go in for stories that are seasonal I think you would say.

With that in mind the first story of the evening is the conclusion to The Dark InSpectre written and read by Jason Kahn.  This is episode 17 of Unfinished Business in which our intrepid psychic detective Jack Garrett puts the finishing touches to one of the most horrific murders he has ever seen.

The second story this week is a classic piece from the pages of Analog Magazine call “Am I still Here?” by James R. Hall.  Here, in a tale set into the near future where any and everything can be repaired or replaced in a human body, the question is asked…when do you stop being you and become something or someone else that just thinks it is you?

In news…Earth Sky speaks about water flows on Mars and the makeup of mysterious  rogue waves.  I read the impressions of some NASA astronauts that have taken the ride home in a Soyuz capsule.

From the Blog

Doug Hilton sends us a note on his news short story collection:  How We Play Football in Alabama And Other Short Stories.  Mark Wilson over at About SF writes that The movie Source Code is coming to the small screen as a series.  The giant particle accelerator The Tevatron is shutting down 9/30/11 and a great project becomes victim like SETI, to budget cuts and apathy.

Thats episode 281 of Beam Me Up

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This Beam Me Up episode is the first in year six – and we start off year six with episode 261, solidly in the weird column!  My pet peeve this week is a theme I have gone to before, and once again I am at that well.  Space Trash.  Would you believe that by 2030 the amount of trash being tracked will triple?!  That by the was is the least of the problems.  Is there a possibility of a new animated Star Trek?  Wonder woman tv series is a no go it seems.  Ron Howard’s Dark Tower project  is crumbling as we speak.   Superman / Batman public enemies was up for reviews this week.   And does anyone remember William  Campbell?  He played the q like creature on the original Star Trek.  Well mr Campbell has beamed out for the last time.

This week’s stories and music?  Well, my opening song is She Dont like Firefly.  Lol she is perfect in every other way, but doesnt like Firefly, so she is gone!   This week is episode 12 for the Dark InSpectre.  I want to thank Cyberwizard productions for their continued excellence in production values.   Our strangest story to date is Health Tip for Traveler.  A does and don’ts  travel brochure of the most unusual type!


Photo is David Goldman