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Beam Me Up # 254 Utility of Love con. David Steffen



Episode 254 of Beam Me Up is really all over the place this week.  First I play the newest selection from Symphony of Science called “Ode to the Brain”.  See if you can pick out all of the scientists that are used in this selection.

Stories this week are a piece of the new and a piece of the old.  First I play the conclusion to David  Steffen’s “The Utility of Love” and narrated by Wilson Fowlie.  The story comes to an end, but I am willing to bet that the twists and turns that author Steffen works in will having you spinning.  This week I close with a classic called Time Enough At Last by author Lynn Venable which should be familiar to science fiction fans.  This story was adapted by Rod Serling for his television series The Twilight Zone.  The show had Burgess Merideth playing a rather meek gent interested only in having enough time to read, only to break his glasses at the very last moment.  Truly classic sci-fi.

From the Beam Me Up blog at I review Soft Apocalypse by Will McIntosh from Night Shade Books, a video of the NASA SRB recovery ships in action, a short animated selection  “The Incident at Tower 37” written by Chris Perry, From the Science Digest blog  a report  of the details concerning NASA’s DAWN space craft, from Lockheed Martin a rather optimistic look at the future of it Orion flight system in a short film “A New Era of Space Exploration”

There is still just “time enough” to settle in and listen to a great episode of Beam Me Up.

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Beam Me Up #242 Bradley Brackett – Tim Sayell & Red Robot con – Colin P. Davies


Episode 242 of Beam Me Up is pretty fast moving this week.  I open wih a new Bradley Brackett from author Tim Sayell this week.  Scheduling snafus last month and just being so busy, meant that our intrepid commnder got a bit behind but we make it up with out first story of the new year.  Commander Brackett leads us deaper into the derrilick star ship and into certain danger in this week’s episode.

This week we finish with episode 5 and the conclusion of Colin P. Davies fantastic Red Robot.  Things come quite litterally to a head this week.  Surely things can’t get any stranger!  Well they certainly can…..and don’t call me Shirley!

From the Beam Me Up blog at, I review Pump Six and Other Stories by Paolo Bacigalupi, a healthy mix  of absolutely brilliant stories that are an excellent cross section of the calorie centric distopia.  You really have got to see the video that DreamWorks Animation have cut together for Jónsi’s award nominated track “Sticks and Stones.”  Its a great compilation of all the most memorible scenes from the movie and mixed them together for a great compilation video.  Hey, does anyone remember that at one point in the very early 60s, the US almost had a long range nuclear bomber?! Oh yeah we did! The XB-70 Valkyrie.  Not only was it to carry nuclear bombs, but it was to be powered by a nuclear reactor!  On story I really liked and didn’t get a chance to talk about was using caverns on Mars as possible living quaters. Yeah I’m talking about those mysterious dark spots that were photographed on the surface of Mars.  Well from a recent article in Dvice – Photographs taken by the HiRISE camera on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter shows that these dark areas really are the opening to large caverns who’s ceilings have collapsed.  The aticle talks about what it would take to make these livable.  This article in particular drew a lot of conversation.  Check it out!

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Beam Me Up #240 Stories by Doug Hilton & Colin P. Davies


Beam Me Up 240 this week is loaded up!  I start with a song that may not strictly be science fiction but does have some clear science fiction ties.  I play Indestructible by  Robyn which could be thought of as a sci fi theme, but it was the suit the singer wore in the video that got me thinking.  Very futuristic with tubes of colored water being pumped around through clear tubes.  There is a making of video that shows the music video and suit being made.  Lots of fun for a diy type person.

Our first story is Doug Hilton reading his story Where Horses Run Free.  Doug’s story is in the alien invasion theme.  A disturbing mix of War of the Worlds with a feel of Animal Farm mixed in.   Doug of course is no stranger to Beam Me Up with stories like “War Story”,  “The Billboard” and the breath taking brilliant “Zeno’s Paradox”.  Where Horses….easily stands with these great selections.  The second story this week is episode three of Red Robot by Colin P. Davies (production by Cyber Studios).   Red Robot is set in the Pest World universe and follows the  exploits of a young pest meister Parvo.  The tension continues to build this week.  This week Parvo manages to get one up on his tormentors and finds that he enjoys it just a bit too much.

From the Blog at  –  Residents of Santa Monica Bay were startled by two brightly lit UFOs.  Now if that is a bit difficult to swallow, then what really happened is going to  be difficult indeed, because its so damn funny.  David Steffen gets picked up by  Pseudopod.   Seventeen missing minutes to the classic science fiction film 2001 have been uncovered in the storage bin where the original print was being stored.  Director Kubricks cut these scenes from the film to shorten it and various other reasons.  But it comes down to the fact that the film has not been seen complete since Kubricks showed it at the first showing.   Orbital Sciences Corporation wants to get into resupply of the ISS but wants to do it completely different than Space X with its Dragon / falcon 9 stack.  OSC wants to use a reusable craft much like the shuttle only much much smaller.  I review Brave New Worlds edited by John J. Adams.  Thirty Three dystopic utopias fill the pages in a good mix of new and old science fiction.

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Beam Me Up #239 Oddcube + Red-Robot pt2 – Davies


Beam Me Up episode 239 moves fast this week, so buckle in!  After a bit of foolishness, we bring in Oddcube for a serious….(oddcube?) review of Thongor Against the Gods by Lin Carter.  At the bottom of the hour, we revisit Colin P. Davis’ PestWorld universe for the second episode of Red Robot.  I hope you are enjoying this story arc as much as I am!

From the Beam Me Up blog at I review the Blu-ray of Eureka 7 Good Night Sleep Tight Young Lovers.  This is a, for all intents and purposes, a reboot of the Eureka 7 Renton / Eureka story universe.  Even though many of the characters are recognizable, their back story is very different, including those of Renton and Eureka.

I also have enough time to mention the launch and re-entry of Dragon supply module launched aboard the Falcon 9 launch vehicle by Space X.  This puts Space X in very exclusive company indeed!  A company of one as Space X is the first commercial launch company that has sucessfully re-entered a spacecraft from orbit.

Stories that did not make this week’s program was a flyby of Saturn’s moon Hyperion by the Cassini explorer.  I have a short video, made from stills from the probe which shows the moon’s rotational characteristics, and they are some of the most chaotic I can remember ever seeing short of a special effects movie.  Something you just have to see to get the whole comedic impact is the short film that is a tongue in cheek post apocalyptic survival guide called “Ducked and Covered: A Survival Guide to the Post Apocalypse”

Short on description, long on entertainment…I crack myself up….

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Beam Me Up # 227 Dark Inspectre – Kahn + Kifli – Lemberg


This week on episode 227 of The Beam Me Up show:  I open this week with the song by Kokia   from the second season of the anime series Gunslinger Girl called  “Tatta Hitotsu no Omoi”.   You have to really watch the series to see how this song is a perfect fit for Gunslinger Girl.

Our first story this week is episode four of the Dark Inspectre series by Jason Kahn.  There is no question that Jason has painted a dark milieu for his characters to live in and this week is no exception.  Things continue to go from bad to worse for  telepathic inspecter Jack Garrett.

My pet peve for the week was another whole slew of wrasllin on tap with the sy – fy channel.  I thought we were going to get a reprieve when the present series ended, but no….the newest adds were for Ultimate Smack down on Sy Fy.  Yeah, I lost my composure a bit when I heard that.  I am willing to bet that the Ys in Sy Fy is for YEAH!  I will leave the S and F to your imagination, but I can bet they don’t stand for Science and Fiction anymore.

From the blog:

Rumor has it that Gemma Arterton, of Prince of Persia fame, might be Ridley Scott’s choice for the heroine in his latest project in the Alien franchise.

Alexander Semenov has created what he titled Transformers test film one.  This is a self made “Transformer” short that is damn funny and clever.  Though a bit rough around the edges, it has that touch of reality that might just come from two guys with too much free time and access to some very convincing technology.

Amanda, of Books of Amanda Land blog, sends us a link for her review of Neal Stephenson’s “Diamond Age, or a Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer.”

According to a recent  article I read in Boing Boing, NASA has somewhat of a dirty secret when it come to astronauts in fact and fingernails in particular.

In other news, AK Sykora has a new story out and has offered it to us in a three part series.  I can’t give away to much yet, but in reading the story, it is quite possibly one of the best we have run by her.   Other stories by Mz. Sykora were Irrasistable, Coming of the Abaries, Don’t mess with my SSTO and others.  I certainly am looking forward to her newest!

Out last story this week is a strange tale called Kifli by Rose Lenberg, and read by CrystalWizard of Cyberstudios Audio online.  It is an EXCELLENT read and I think you will love the interaction between the mother and daughter and a most unusual delivery service!

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Beam Me Up # 226 Shirley Jackson One Ordinary Day /w Peanuts


Welcome back to Beam Me Up once more. This is episode 226 for Se3ptember 11 2010. Our fiction this week is from the golden age of science fiction, though I suspect that if written today it would be placed well within the realm of speculative fiction. That being said, from the pages of Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine, January 1955, I read a classic by the great Shirley Jackson, One Ordinary Day with Peanuts. Most of you might be more familiar with Jackson’s other claim to fame with her story The Lottery.

But first, from the Beam Me Up blog I review the rather schizophrenic movie on Blu-ray, Kick Ass. The movie had some very interesting effects, but grew a pair much to late for my liking. I also review the speculative fiction story collection Escape Clause. Researchers in Australia have managed to fashion a laser tractor beam that works and much better than any earlier efforts! Abandoned Tower magazine is now in it’s 6th printing and has now gone on sale, Books of Amanda Land blog sent us a link to their newest book review, Neal Stephenson’s Diamond Age. Very good reviews, worth checking out. Wow you have got to check out this short film from Filmmaker Christian Swegal that I found on IO9 called Stasis. Its an independent and I hear they borrowed their special effects and most of the people working on the film were volunteers including one of the stars! But it really is worth checking out.

I didn’t have time for an excerpt I found that speculates what would happen if a planet buster sized asteroid impacted the Earth. In this case, 300 miles across. This was “produced by NHK Japan and the National Film Board of Canada… and the 10 minute excerpt is from a longer piece but it is certainly enough to give a good impression of what it would look like, and that is stunning!

That’s this week’s program. Next week we will have the newest installment of the Dark Inspectre series which has really started to heat up.

So, join me for this week’s program and take a jaunt over to the blog afterwords!

Download Episode 226 here

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Beam Me Up # 225 con Peter Watts Island


This week on Beam Me Up episode 225, At the bottom of the hour, Peter Watts continues reading his story and the conclusion to The Island.  There are still some serious twist and turns that will entertain. You will be glad you stuck with the complete read. A with earlier episodes there are a few words peppered through-out the read that you should be aware of. However, first, Oddcube sends over his Do It Yourself instruction of how to build a cool costume jetpac out of stuff you just have laying around t he house. What really makes it fun however is Oddcube’s inimical sense of the ridiculous. All in all great fun.

Courtney did call in this week to remind me to mention Hawkings newest book “The Grand Design” which in very simplistic terms says that because there is an observable effect called gravity proves the universe was constructed, but because there is gravity, the universe has to create itself…. I know, wildly oversimplified, it certainly is worth checking out though.

Then I review David J. Williams book Burning Skies. A fast paced intriguing / political / military novel . Based on and around the asteroid habitat the Europa Platform. As I stated in the review, if you don’t get excited by a review that contains rolling gun battles or non stop action then you probably ought to consider another genre….

Colin P. Davies of Pest World fame writes to let us know that there is a new Pestworld series already in the hands of CrystalWizard at Cyber – Studios online. Where they will be recorded and mixed for broadcast in the not to distant future. I know I am excited.

The final article I could get in this week was to let everyone know that AntipodeanSF, Australia’s premiere online flash fiction site in online and updated to issue 147. And an excellent selection of short fiction it is!

Other items you might want to also check out on Beam Me Up’s blog at Ten science fiction themes that seem to recur over and over again. Good, bad or indifferent – there are themes in science fiction that one kindly might observe are recurring. From the IO9 blog is the 10 most common science fiction plot devices.

Do you like slow motion photography? Have you ever wondered what it would look like to have someone dip their hand in liquid nitrogen without any ill effects?!!! Check out the short film and description of the Leidenfrost Effect.

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