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Beam Me Up # 241 Colin P. Davies & Jason Kahn


Episode 241 of Beam Me Up on a fine Christmas after noon. Most sane people probably wouldn’t be here in the studios, but you know how dedicated I am! Well decenting voices to the contrary, I think we have a great episode this week!

Two serializations this week! Our first story is Dark InSpectre #7 from writer Jason Kahn. Second is the continuing antic of Parvo future pest – meister of Pest – world in episode 4 of Red Robot from the talented pen of Colin P. Davies and the off the hook production talents of Cyber Wizard production. This story keeps getting better and better each episode.

This week’s blog entries at the Beam Me Up blog at do not disappoint either. I review the animated movie Batman: Under the Red Hood which may not match the animation and production values of movies like How to Train Your Dragon but still should be a treat for the Batman fans. The plot fits well into the existing mythology surrounding Batman. Oh I have got to thank Boing Boing for pointing out this next gem. There I found a link to the top 10 most popular posts of the year. Funny research, news articles what have you. The are weird oh so very weird, strange and wildly funny. From an article on the contraceptive qualities of polyester to possibly the strangest case hysteria in a medical clinic.

An article that I didn’t really have time to do anything but mention it, is a post from a new contributor. When Science Fiction Pushes the Boundaries of Science posted by contributing writer: Beatrice Owen.

This is a well thought out piece which deals with science pushing science fiction as well as the reverse. Interesting read.

That and a musical selection in the spirit of the season! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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Beam Me Up #240 Stories by Doug Hilton & Colin P. Davies


Beam Me Up 240 this week is loaded up!  I start with a song that may not strictly be science fiction but does have some clear science fiction ties.  I play Indestructible by  Robyn which could be thought of as a sci fi theme, but it was the suit the singer wore in the video that got me thinking.  Very futuristic with tubes of colored water being pumped around through clear tubes.  There is a making of video that shows the music video and suit being made.  Lots of fun for a diy type person.

Our first story is Doug Hilton reading his story Where Horses Run Free.  Doug’s story is in the alien invasion theme.  A disturbing mix of War of the Worlds with a feel of Animal Farm mixed in.   Doug of course is no stranger to Beam Me Up with stories like “War Story”,  “The Billboard” and the breath taking brilliant “Zeno’s Paradox”.  Where Horses….easily stands with these great selections.  The second story this week is episode three of Red Robot by Colin P. Davies (production by Cyber Studios).   Red Robot is set in the Pest World universe and follows the  exploits of a young pest meister Parvo.  The tension continues to build this week.  This week Parvo manages to get one up on his tormentors and finds that he enjoys it just a bit too much.

From the Blog at  –  Residents of Santa Monica Bay were startled by two brightly lit UFOs.  Now if that is a bit difficult to swallow, then what really happened is going to  be difficult indeed, because its so damn funny.  David Steffen gets picked up by  Pseudopod.   Seventeen missing minutes to the classic science fiction film 2001 have been uncovered in the storage bin where the original print was being stored.  Director Kubricks cut these scenes from the film to shorten it and various other reasons.  But it comes down to the fact that the film has not been seen complete since Kubricks showed it at the first showing.   Orbital Sciences Corporation wants to get into resupply of the ISS but wants to do it completely different than Space X with its Dragon / falcon 9 stack.  OSC wants to use a reusable craft much like the shuttle only much much smaller.  I review Brave New Worlds edited by John J. Adams.  Thirty Three dystopic utopias fill the pages in a good mix of new and old science fiction.

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Beam Me Up #239 Oddcube + Red-Robot pt2 – Davies


Beam Me Up episode 239 moves fast this week, so buckle in!  After a bit of foolishness, we bring in Oddcube for a serious….(oddcube?) review of Thongor Against the Gods by Lin Carter.  At the bottom of the hour, we revisit Colin P. Davis’ PestWorld universe for the second episode of Red Robot.  I hope you are enjoying this story arc as much as I am!

From the Beam Me Up blog at I review the Blu-ray of Eureka 7 Good Night Sleep Tight Young Lovers.  This is a, for all intents and purposes, a reboot of the Eureka 7 Renton / Eureka story universe.  Even though many of the characters are recognizable, their back story is very different, including those of Renton and Eureka.

I also have enough time to mention the launch and re-entry of Dragon supply module launched aboard the Falcon 9 launch vehicle by Space X.  This puts Space X in very exclusive company indeed!  A company of one as Space X is the first commercial launch company that has sucessfully re-entered a spacecraft from orbit.

Stories that did not make this week’s program was a flyby of Saturn’s moon Hyperion by the Cassini explorer.  I have a short video, made from stills from the probe which shows the moon’s rotational characteristics, and they are some of the most chaotic I can remember ever seeing short of a special effects movie.  Something you just have to see to get the whole comedic impact is the short film that is a tongue in cheek post apocalyptic survival guide called “Ducked and Covered: A Survival Guide to the Post Apocalypse”

Short on description, long on entertainment…I crack myself up….

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Beam Me UP #238 Gustavo Bondoni & Colin P. Davis


Beam Me Up episode 238 is fast and entertainment filled this week.  With the first episode in December I start a new story arch with a new Pest World series from Colin P. Davies.  This new Pest World series is a previously unpublished  story of Pestmeister Parvo Titled Red Robot.  Parvo it would seem developed a phobia in early childhood, dealing in any way with people of the mechanical persuasion…. which even in adult life has left him in terror of dealing with mechanical men.

The second story this week is part two and the conclusion of Gustavo Bondoni’s Evasion.    In part one we visit a one luxurious but now decrepit space station / hotel.  It now inhabits a bleak and lonely place in the dark reaches of the asteroid belt.  To be used as a salvage yard.  But something weird is going on with the rusty and ruined station.  Something that has caught the interest of rather odd tax people.  Possibly more….  All the while there are hints that more is going on than meets the eye.  Bondoni builds the tension and suspense in the conclusion to Evasion.

With the length of the stories, I had no more time than a passing mention of what is new on the blog.  However it is worthy of checking out this week.  Antipodean 150 is online, there may be as many as three times as many  stars in the universe than previously thought, director Irvin Kershner actor Leslie Nielsen  both passed this week and could there truly be something like a Nemesis in the outer reaches of the solar system?  Take a trip over to the Beam Me Up Blog at for more.

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Beam Me Up #233 Happy Halloween by Colin P. Davies


Happy Halloween!  Episode 233 of Beam Me Up does up All Hallow’s Eve right!  First off, John De Lancie reads Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven, and boy does this man own the poem for the eight minutes it takes to read it.  De Lancie’s performance is powerful and hi-lights facets that others have skimmed over and I guarantee that you will have a new appreciation for Poe’s macabre poem.  The last half of the hour is taken up by CrystalWizard’s reading of Colin P. Davies very spooky science fiction tale “Happy Halloween”.  CyberWizard Productions mixes this tale into one of the best stories we have had all year.  Many thanks to Mr. Davies for the story, CrystalWizards for an excellent read and Cyberstudios for an excellent mix.

From the Blog ( The Apollo 11 moon walk videos that were discovered recently have been restored and the results are exciting and stunning, the very odd beast known as a neutron star has a theoretical limit of about one and a half solar masses that was until a recent discovery that has shaken theoretical physics dealing with ultra dense material into possibly   rethinking or abandoned completely some theories completely!  Astronomers are trying to put an estimate as to the amount of Earth mass planets in our Milky Way galaxy and that number it would seem is in the billions!  Finally I review a waste of blu-ray medium.  Repomen Starring Jude Law, Forest Whitaker.  Someone should be ashamed of making or being in this film.  Those involved seemed to have taken a pay day and run.

Blog items that didn’t make this week’s program,  Buckeyball carbon atoms were thought to be rare or even completely theoretical.  Now, new findings have uncovered massive quantities around three dying stars.  How massive?  Trillions of tons is a gross understatement!!!   Has Film-maker George Clarke uncovered evidence of time travelers in a Charlie Chaplin film from the twenties called The Circus?  He seems to think so and his evidence is very compelling.  Check the video out and weigh in on the comment posts other readers have made concerning this strange clip.  and the SyFy channel may have killed Caprica but plans have been green lighted for a production of another Battle Star Galactica prequil.  Syfy will air Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome in late 2011 or early 2012.

So Enjoy Episode 233 and take a trip over to for the rest of the Beam Me Up news

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