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Beam Me Up #416 In Plain Sight #27 – Kahn + Skipping Stones – Miller

Devin Miller`

Devin Miller`







My opening comments this week is pointing out some of the thing I like to do that used to be common on the radio and now we hardly hear of any of that.  Along those lines I spend time describing what makes Beam Me Up work.

The program proper starts with music:  Fight or Flight by Yu Kobiyashi (spell…:( )

Next Jason Kahn’s In Plain Sight episode 27 of the Dark Inspector / In Plain Sight following psyic detective Jack Garrett on New Eden.

Over at the blog  – recent discoveries of hot Jupiter like planets have thrown how planets form  into flux.  This touched a side conversation concerning the incomprehensible distance some of these planets are!

NASA wants private industry to think about doing sat comm for the NASA rovers.

The Voyager argument has once again raised the argument

The final story for the week is Skipping Stones by Devin Miller

Good stories and interesting articles.  Hope you enjoy.



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