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Beam Me Up #413 – Ringminers’s Daughter

Duncan Shields

Duncan Shields









After my opening comments and playing the opening music from Durara which is a highly inventive anime series, I head straight to the Beam Me Up Blog.

First up, Kallimus talks about the new season of Space Dandy.  I follow that up with an original production from Netflix called Knights of Sidonia, which after a couple of episodes I would give the series a thumbs up.  The next anime offering is from Crunchyroll which will be offering “Rail Wars” sound very promising.

On the science side of the news – I find an article on 3d biopringing. In this case vascular network for 3d organs.

On the Goldilocks type planets, there is evidence that some may not even exist.  From – Gum-15 a stellar nursery nebula of super massive stars may be destroyed by the very stars that

Fan of Futurerama?  How about Farnsworth’s smelloscope?  Do you know that NASA has an individual that does a very similar function….

I found this very disturbing video of a dancing puppet and I do mean disturbing.  Check out the video on the Beam Me Up blog at

hey if you can’t swing a quarter mil for a ride into space. How about a balloon ride that is much cheaper and goes to about 122 thousand.

And an Airforce engineer has found a very inventive way of detecting and tracking space debris.

The story this week is Ringminer’s Daughter by Duncan Shields


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Beam Me U # 275 Serial Killer – Shields + The Stars Fell pt2 – Latch




Keith Latch



This week on Beam Me up, I get things rolling with a rather caustic quote from Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell on global politics.  Next, music from a strange little indie Sci-Fi short in which the camera follows a day in the life of Vera a girl with speakers in her skin and no volume knob to control her constantly blaring music from the indie album Winter.

The first story is a wicked little piece of flash fiction from Duncan Shields over at 365 Tomorrows, called Serial Killer.  The man was either the savior of the world, or a mass murdering psychopath.    The second story this week is part two of Keith Latch’s The Stars Fell. Keenan’s life has become a morass   of pain, sadness and disappointment since the death of his farther.  But then, three weeks later, something much stranger takes place which is even stranger still.

From Beam Me Up’s blog, Predictive Bionics.  New technology is being developed for lower-limb prosthetics that allows amputees to walk without the leg-dragging gait characteristic of conventional artificial legs.   Does ranting at SyFy do any good?  Who knows, but its sure is frustrating with the new crop of canceled programs…   Darpa says the Falcon htv-2 last flight was a success?!!!  Really?   ESA’s Don Quijote spacecraft is going to take a whack at the Apophis asteroid? The 1,600-foot-wide near-Earth asteroid which NASA said had a chance of around one in 250,000 of hitting Earth in 2036.   Astronaut Ron Garan aboard the International Space Station, shows us what a meteor looks like from space with his photo of a meteor from the Perseid Meteor Shower.   Erik Weihenmayer can see with his tongue,  Erik in fact is participating in  experiments with the Brainport Vision Device, a revolutionary new technology enabling a blind person to see with his tongue.   Finally Hubble, using its  Wide Field Camera 3
takes a photo of the strange and amazing Necklace Nebula!

As always, we wish to thank Cyber-Studios for their unique and helpful services.

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Beam Me Up #268 Manifest Error – Gary Cuba + Silicon Valley – Duncan Shields


Gary Cuba & Chris





This week in episode 268 I start with the July 4th episode of Earth Sky.  This week’s article is about the seasons and why the summer in the northern climes and winter in the southern are longer and why the winter in the north and summer in the south are short, even though it seems just the opposite.  The Earth Sky article is fun as well as informative.

Our first story of the afternoon is a piece of flash fiction from Duncan Shields called Silicon Valley.  Duncan’s story tells the tale of a future where all the humans have disappeared in-explicitly.  While the robot take up where the humans left off.  Duncan’s tale is a curious journey to self awareness, from a most unusual subject.

Before I play the last story, I take a jaunt to the BMU blog at

Since the shuttle program is coming to an end shortly I begin by discussing an end to the space age.  During a short break, Barry weighs in with the point that the military was the driving force in the earlier programs and until the military decides once more that we need the high frontier, we may never get there again…

On another really fascinating front, is it possible that bio-mechanical frameworks like those developed for yep, you guessed it, the military, be a boon to the handicapped?  The inventor of the Segway thinks that many of the devices can be ported to aide in rehabilitation.

A two hour flight across the Atlantic may be possible within 10 years. Employing new hyper speed engine technology the HyperMach’s proposed ultra high speed plane the SonicStar will be able to fly at 3.6 mach and do so at altitudes above 60 thousand feet but only carrying 20 people?!!!

on June 27th of this year. A bus sized asteroid flew so close to the Earth that it was well inside many of satellites orbits.

A bus sized asteroid 2011 MD, passed within 7500 miles of Earth,  passing over the coast of Antarctica before being slingshot back into deep space.

Scientists at Tokyo University with assistance from Sony, have developed PossessedHand which consists of a pair of wrist bands that deliver mild electrical stimuli directly to the muscles that control your fingers, with hopes of say teaching your body how to properly position your fingers to play an instrument.  Or other equally creepy uses….

And for our last story, Gary Cuba has let me read his excellent story Manifest Error.  What would you do if you found that a delivery is late… a century!  I describe the tale as an “uplift” story for the real world.

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