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Beam Me Up #472 Expanded Horizons by Gustavo Bondoni


Gustavo Bondoni






Beam Me Up 472 is up and ready.

After my opening comments I play all along the watch tower performed by Jimmi Hendrix (again one of my all time favs)

From the blog I have a sound byte from Elon Musk thanking Nevada allowing his giga factory to build affordable electric cars.

NASA TV will be showing the latestest spacewalk on the ISS.

Nelson sends over links for audio of Asimov’s Foundation series.

Expanded Horizons by Gustavo Bondoni is my final offering of #472


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Beam Me Up #471 story by Gustavo Bondoni


Gustavo Bondoni








After my opening comments I play one of my fav rock pieces, Dream On by Areosmith. The piece seems to fit the overall theme.

From the Beam Me Up blog at I read about Hubble which has discovered a new red dwarf system. Also NASA is putting a good deal of faith in SpaceX by ordering a second crew mission to the international space station. That and a couple of articles on Rovers, China’s yuto and the upcomming Mars_2020 due for launch 2020

This week I start with part one of the story Expanded Horizons by Gustavo Bondoni


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Beam Me Up #242 Bradley Brackett – Tim Sayell & Red Robot con – Colin P. Davies


Episode 242 of Beam Me Up is pretty fast moving this week.  I open wih a new Bradley Brackett from author Tim Sayell this week.  Scheduling snafus last month and just being so busy, meant that our intrepid commnder got a bit behind but we make it up with out first story of the new year.  Commander Brackett leads us deaper into the derrilick star ship and into certain danger in this week’s episode.

This week we finish with episode 5 and the conclusion of Colin P. Davies fantastic Red Robot.  Things come quite litterally to a head this week.  Surely things can’t get any stranger!  Well they certainly can…..and don’t call me Shirley!

From the Beam Me Up blog at, I review Pump Six and Other Stories by Paolo Bacigalupi, a healthy mix  of absolutely brilliant stories that are an excellent cross section of the calorie centric distopia.  You really have got to see the video that DreamWorks Animation have cut together for Jónsi’s award nominated track “Sticks and Stones.”  Its a great compilation of all the most memorible scenes from the movie and mixed them together for a great compilation video.  Hey, does anyone remember that at one point in the very early 60s, the US almost had a long range nuclear bomber?! Oh yeah we did! The XB-70 Valkyrie.  Not only was it to carry nuclear bombs, but it was to be powered by a nuclear reactor!  On story I really liked and didn’t get a chance to talk about was using caverns on Mars as possible living quaters. Yeah I’m talking about those mysterious dark spots that were photographed on the surface of Mars.  Well from a recent article in Dvice – Photographs taken by the HiRISE camera on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter shows that these dark areas really are the opening to large caverns who’s ceilings have collapsed.  The aticle talks about what it would take to make these livable.  This article in particular drew a lot of conversation.  Check it out!

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Beam Me UP #238 Gustavo Bondoni & Colin P. Davis


Beam Me Up episode 238 is fast and entertainment filled this week.  With the first episode in December I start a new story arch with a new Pest World series from Colin P. Davies.  This new Pest World series is a previously unpublished  story of Pestmeister Parvo Titled Red Robot.  Parvo it would seem developed a phobia in early childhood, dealing in any way with people of the mechanical persuasion…. which even in adult life has left him in terror of dealing with mechanical men.

The second story this week is part two and the conclusion of Gustavo Bondoni’s Evasion.    In part one we visit a one luxurious but now decrepit space station / hotel.  It now inhabits a bleak and lonely place in the dark reaches of the asteroid belt.  To be used as a salvage yard.  But something weird is going on with the rusty and ruined station.  Something that has caught the interest of rather odd tax people.  Possibly more….  All the while there are hints that more is going on than meets the eye.  Bondoni builds the tension and suspense in the conclusion to Evasion.

With the length of the stories, I had no more time than a passing mention of what is new on the blog.  However it is worthy of checking out this week.  Antipodean 150 is online, there may be as many as three times as many  stars in the universe than previously thought, director Irvin Kershner actor Leslie Nielsen  both passed this week and could there truly be something like a Nemesis in the outer reaches of the solar system?  Take a trip over to the Beam Me Up Blog at for more.

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Beam Me Up # 237 Evasion pt1 – Gustavo Bondoni + Blog News


In Episode 237 of Beam Me Up, I play part one of Gustavo Bondoni’s short story Evasion. From Bondoni’s new collection of stories, Tenth Orbit and Other Faraway Places from Altered Dimensions press. An aging space station, now used for space salvage, is the stage where a very odd customer asks for an even odder product. Plus a very suspicious tax man tries to get to the bottom of some very odd goings on. And a station manager bent on keeping the two apart all the while trying to make a hefty profit.

From the blog at, Duncan Jones is once again posed to twist us in a completely new direction since his movie MOON. His newest effort is Source Code and I have the trailer. Alex and Steffen of Spy Films were tagged by Batelco to create a stunning promotional spot for the company and the resulting short called infinity will blow you away! Author / historian Mark Clarke uncovers a concerted effort in the early 20th century by AT&T / Bell Labs to suppress elector-magnetic technology, pushing major technological advancements back as much at 50 years! Do you have your favorite work of utopian science fiction? Tim Handorf has put together a top 20 list of essential works of utopian fiction. While his list is certainly good, I think we could do better … suggestions? Symphony of Science has a new compendium that they are calling A Wave of Reason. I think the resulting score is certainly one of their better efforts, so much so I open this week’s program with it. I review the post apocalyptic anime series Casshern Sins. This week’s story from Gustavo Bondoni is from his newest collection of short stories titled Tenth Orbit and Other Faraway Places. I take a few moment to review the collection of 22 short stories. This week’s movie review is the animated feature How to Train you Dragon. I found the animation absolutely astounding! Even though I am sure it will be viewed as a children’s movie, I honestly believe that animation aficionados will be entranced by the level of the cgi as well as hand drawn graphics. The attention to detail and sophistication will leave you breathless.

That and just plain foolishness this week on episode 237 of Beam Me Up

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