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Beam Me Up #452 IPS #35-Kahn + Child Soldier – J.W. Alden


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Episode 452! Wow! I am constantly amazed that the episodes keep coming out to 1 hour.¬† I keep thinking….it’s going to be late…it’s going to be late and as luck would have it, they come out on time.

My initial offering deals with the SF horror genre taking a major hit this week. two new stories, plus additional material from the blog.

After the opening monologue  I give us a taste of Blue Oyster.

Then the first story for the program, In Plain Sight episode #35 and the weirdness is starting to build for our favorite psychic detective Jack Garrett.

Next is a trip through the newest listings on the Beam Me Up blog – Like a rather “twisted” end to a Long March engine, or the research that may shore up the argument that Black Holes may indeed “evaporate”.

finally it is the second story for the afternoon.  Child Soldier by J. Alden.


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