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Beam Me Up #355 Epilog – Julie Wornan + Know How Can Do pt1 – Michael Blumlein

Julie with Bush Baby

Julie with Bush Baby












And here we are on Beam Me Up podcast, episode 355!


I really think this week proves just as informative as it will entertaining, even though I didn’t aim to either side with any purpose of doing so.


Anyway after griping about the lack of common sense understanding of basic Newtonian physics, I play the first story for the day.


I start with Julie Wornan’s melancholy post apocalyptic tale “Epilog”.


From there I break out the Star Trek Trivia book for some fun and arcane fact about the original Star Trek. Like, what deck is Medical on? Or the three operational divisions that crew are assigned to? How about the maximum number of people that can beam on and off the ship through the main teleporter? Stuff like that! Who knew!


Kallamis once again does a weekly round up of smaller news items that I may have missed. This week, news on the Space X resupply launch to the ISS. Info on a super-massive black hole that will twist your head sideways! Mars caught Kall’s imagination as usual. A start up non profit I.M.F. Wants to send a couple to visit Mars. Of course the devil is in the details… and the next asteroid close encounter will not be Earth, nope, not this time!


I have thought of giving Doug Turnbull’s video reviews a try on the podcast by stripping off the audio.  To get the ball rolling I start with his introduction to Robert A. Heinlein’s Juvenile series of early books which I swear I think I read each and every one. Heinlein’s books and stories fast became one of my very favorite authors. Doug intends to review each of these early Heinlein masterpieces. This will be kind of an introduction others to follow on, every other week or so.


This February 20 was the 51st anniversary of John Glenn’s historic and almost fatal mission.


After some confusion about this story, I guess I though it was being read or I had already done the story when neither was the case…duh, so I am going to play part 1 of Know How Can Do by Michael Blumlein as the program ender.


Enjoy everyone. Thanks for listening!


Paul Cole
for B.M.U. Episode 355

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Beam Me Up #350 Epilog – Wornen + In Plain Sight #16 – Kahn

Julie with Bush Baby

Julie with Bush Baby














Our first offering this week on BMU I play The robot is broken by Calieb Onion which turns our to be a melancholy piece. Next I start doing Star Trek Trivia and travel straight into Jason Kahn’s moody Physic detective yarn on New Eaden call In Plain sight, this week episode 16.

Next Earth Sky, this week I have about about 5 articles from Mars moons to spider brains.

The Movie Looper is the next movie I review.

did you hear the one about Schrodinger and Heisenberg, its funny …trust me!

Sometime I do things not thinking ahead. I found a film that was produced by folks absolutely sure the moon landing had been faked! We all had great fun tearing into this gem.

Oh did you hear about the original Batmobile, driven by that iconic and campy 1960s Batman – sold at auction? You won’t believe how much!

Since the live show was pretty mangled over the past few weeks.  I decided to end with a brand new story by a brand new author!  This weeks last story is Epilog by Julie Wornan. Julie and her particularly unique form of fiction are amazing and entertaining.

I came out of the story with a few minutes, so I returned to the blog with an article that I guess had been making the rounds on various websites. It seems that a British daily reported that a Harvard professor was looking for a woman to host a cloned Neanderthal!

And Deep Space Industries is convinced that they have what it takes to mine the asteroids for precious minerals for a variety of projects. I give you the run down and some links of interest!

Finally  Kallamis put together a file of insults that all of us that watched the 60s Lost in Space remember Dr. Smith who was forever zinging the robot with the most outragious insults. It all but made the show! I said that listeners owe it to themselves to head over to the blog, if for nothing else than this!

And that covers my hour! Enjoy.


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